103_6192Judy and Karon were on outreach one day when they spotted a little, black dog at the busy bus stop on Van Brunt and Linwood. They tried to pull over and toss some treats to her. Then Judy noticed her teats and thought that she had puppies somewhere. They couldn’t get close to her, but they didn’t feel like they should try to get her because she might have babies somewhere. When they came back in from outreach, they were telling me about her and were obviously worried. A couple of days later, I decided to drive through a neighborhood just north of Linwood and look for her. I was driving through slowly when I spotted  her. She was sitting in the yard of a vacant house! Perfect! I pulled over and got out with some treats, I tossed some to her and she would eat them if they were close enough to her, but she wasn’t taking any chances. She was very wary and very clever. She always stayed just out of arm’s reach.  I kept working with her, got out the canned food and was just trying to be patient.  No one ever came down the street. There were a lot of dead ends up in there because of I-70 and it was a pretty quiet area. I was thinking I ought to go to some doors, but I really just wanted to get her out of there. She’d been on Van Brunt and  obviously had  had puppies. It definitely didn’t sound like a good situation for this dog. She didn’t currently have milk like Judy was worried about, but you could definitely tell that she’d had puppies in the last  few months. I just could not get her and was thinking I’d have to come back later with a trap.




Finally, after about 1/2 hour, a car pulled in across the street. I decided to go over and talk to them and see if they knew anything about this little dog. I hollered at them and asked if they knew whose dog this was and they said, “Ours!”  Geez! It was a female named Batman-go figure!  I told them that the volunteers had seen her down on Van Brunt a couple days ago and they just smiled and nodded and said, “Yeah-she goes down there. She runs all over the place.” I asked if she had had puppies and they told me yes. They had put them on Craig’s List and they were all gone. That had been her 2nd litter! They put them on Craig’s List both times. I offered to spay her for free and they were very receptive and appreciative.  We made the arrangements for what day I would pick her up and I gave them some food and told them to keep her home and off the streets. They told me that they did keep her inside about half of the time.

I picked Batman up a couple of days later. She was pretty scared to ride in the car and was pretty shy at the clinic, but she did just fine!



We got Batman spayed and vaccinated and de-wormed. She stayed all night and I took her back the next day. I hadn’t been back by there in about 3 weeks or so, so one day I headed back over  to check on Batman. She was out front with her owner. She was on a light-weight chain. The owner said she was keeping her in better and that Batman did  not even run off if she did get out of the yard. She was now staying closer to home and she could no longer get pregnant! Thank you Chain of Hope  supporters!



Batman is now a spayed, healthy and happy girl. They have done a good job with her. They do  not keep her outside all the time.  We have educated this owner and I think Batman is going to be alright. Thanks for keeping us out there!



3 Responses to “Batman”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Look at that face, what a pretty girl. Thank you COH for all that you do!

  2. Nikki G Says:

    She’s adorable! Thanks to COH for being out there day after day. You guys are amazing.

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    The owner apparently had no clue why Batman was having pups. I am glad that COH enlightened her!

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