103_6501Chain of Hope received a phone call from a neighbor that was very concerned about the dog 2 doors down. Apparently, the owners had moved 2 weeks ago and just left her there, on a heavy chain and pregnant. She was absolutely stunning! She was very sweet, too. The neighbors had been feeding her for 2 weeks and they finally decided she had to get out of there. They didn’t want to call animal control, so they called Chain of Hope.

When we got there, we saw Linda, down the drive way, chained to a cinder block.




103_6506Since the poor dog had on two padlocks and no one had a key, we had to break the cinder block into two pieces to be able to walk her out of there on a slip lead. We tried to cut the chain with our bolt cutters, but we only had our small ones and they weren’t enough for this chain. Thank goodness, the very nice neighbor man came over and broke the cinder block  with his sledge hammer! We loaded Linda up and took her out of there! Thank goodness the neighbors had called!





We took Linda to the vet and had her spayed. It is sad to have to do that, but we have a pit bull crisis in this town-there are far too many of them

This girl is the sweetest dog. We are evaluating her with other dogs and getting her settled in at Chain of Hope. Thank you for your support so that we could get right over and rescue Linda!


14 Responses to “Linda”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Thanks to COH Linda will have a better life. What happened to the pups? I suggest a bolt cutter for the next chain you need to release a dog from. A bolt cutter will cut padlocks quite easily. I used to carry a bolt cutter in my car when I was with the Louviers Fire Department to cut chains if we needed access to fight a fire or EMS reasons.

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    PS. Bolt cutters are fairly heavy but you can lay one of its handles on the ground and push down with the other handle using the one on the ground as a lever to create more force. A hack saw will work too but is time consuming. I prefer a bolt cutter.

  3. Cherre Says:

    We would have more than a pit bull crisis if it were for COH. Thank you for what you do!

  4. chl0525 Says:

    She’s adorable! Hope she finds a great home.

  5. Pauline S. Says:

    Thank you for saving this beautiful girl. How could people leave a pregnant living thing there to starve to death? I will never understand some people. You guys are amazing.

  6. andywhiteman Says:

    Pauline, unfortunately it happens frequently! Lay Perini was dumped because she was pregnant. Jessica Rabbit along with her pups were dumped on a freezing cold night at a shelter gate. Both were taken in by Animal Village NM and the pups were adopted. Lady P was recently adopted and Jessica Rabbit is still awaiting a furever home.

  7. Dinah Says:

    you guys are the bomb…. People just amaze me. Thank goodness for the neighbors…

  8. Jenny Patten Says:

    Thank God for all of you. I wish you were in Oklahoma right now. We are finding so many dogs from the tornado but a lot of them were in bad shape before the f’—ing storm. Keep up the good work Kate. I have told so many of the other rescues here in Oklahoma about you. Proud to have you as my sister.

  9. Donna Woods Says:

    Linda Lou you are a real sweetheart! It is a shame we have such irresponsible people with no feelings keeping dogs.

  10. chelsea Says:

    Do we know how Ms Linda is with cats?? She’s the sweetest girl!!

  11. Ann H. Says:

    I just found out today that my dad will meet Linda on Tuesday!! I am hoping that he will be her furever home!!! What a beauty!! <3!

  12. Christie G Says:

    Our dad did adopt her, they are a perfect match! My youngest is doing a paper on your organization for her 7th grade language class. Our family appreciates everything you guys do and the animals you save. Thank you

  13. Ann H. Says:

    They LOVE each other!!! It is a perfect match!! Thank you all so much!!

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