Dan and Tyrone

103_6400Chain of Hope received a call from a man named Dan who left a message  that he had an older dog that was sick and he didn’t know if it was time to put him down. Dan was pretty worried about one of his 3 dogs named Tyrone and he just needed someone else’s opinion. I headed over the next day and met Dan and Tyrone. Dan is a very nice man. He and his wife had 3 little dogs and they lived in apartment in northeast KC. Tyrone was a white, shaggy little Bichon-looking dog, only bigger. All of the dogs were adorable and they were all well cared for. Dan showed me how Tyrone had several growths that had appeared on him. There was a nasty one on his side. Mostly, he had those little, pink wart-type things. He was pretty hard of hearing. Dan said that Tyrone was drinking quite a bit of water and having trouble with urination. Dan was concerned that Tyrone was uncomfortable and in pain. He said he really wasn’t eating that well lately. Dan thought that Tyrone was at the end and he kept saying that he didn’t want Tyrone suffering. I thought I’d find a dog in much worse shape than Tyrone, but actually he wasn’t in horrible shape.


Dan told me that they had lived in that apartment building for about 3 yrs. The previous maintenance guy for the apartment building had owned Tyrone. When he decided to move on, he left Tyrone with Dan and his wife. He said that Tyrone was about 12 yrs. old or so. We decided that I should take Tyrone in to the vet. Dan said if things were bad to go ahead and put him down.  He did not seem very optimistic that he would see Tyrone again. He hugged him and kissed him and told him good bye.  I don’t think that he really thought that he would ever see Tyrone again.

I took Tyrone into the vet. His growths appeared to be normal, benign growths that can come on with old age in some dogs. It seemed like he was drinking a lot of water, but not copious amounts. He did not have accidents in his kennel-he could hold his pee. We ended up doing a urinalysis on him. He was not diabetic, which is what I think most of us were thinking. We kept Tyrone a couple of days and nights and ended up running a blood panel on him. His kidneys and liver were functioning normally. The vet staff  shaved him down. He looked so cute! Dan said that when Tyrone started getting the little tumors, they started letting his hair grow out to cover them up, but it had gotten a little out of control. Tyrone was eating, drinking and doing pretty well. It was time to take him home.

Dan was so thankful to all of our supporters for the help-he just didn’t know what to do and lived on a fixed income. I took Tyrone back to Dan and it was very touching to see both of their reactions. They clearly love each other and were happy to be reunited!



Dan hollered at his other two dogs to come out the front door and then they saw Tyrone! Their buddy was back! It was a great feeling to have all 3 of the dogs back together. They all get  along great!



Because of your support, we can provide medical help to so many of the dogs and cats from the inner city. Dan and his wife love Tyrone and thanked us profusely. They were teary-eyed and emotional when I pulled up with Tyrone that evening. I could see the happiness and relief on Dan’s face when he came out to the van to get him. They love Tyrone and their other two dogs very much and it was good to know that they would have some more time with Tyrone. The 3 little dogs clearly love each other. Thank you Chain of Hope for making this wonderful outcome happen.


One Response to “Dan and Tyrone”

  1. Brandi Says:

    Stories like this one keep me going. It is so wonderful to see people reaching out for help because they love and cherish their pets. So many times when we are helping animals we see the very worst of human behavior. It’s nice to have a ray of sunshine. I love you Chain of Hope!

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