Momma and Her Puppies Rescued

Mama&Puppies01Chain of Hope received a call from a very concerned man named Chris who told us that a momma dog had given birth and the babies were up high behind a retaining wall in his back yard. He said he heard them one day and put his ladder up against the  wall and counted 8 new puppies, their eyes weren’t even open yet. He said the momma growled and bared her teeth at him, had tried to bite a couple of times,  but he’d been giving her food and water. It was late in the day and we told him that I would head over and access the situation and then we could come back tomorrow with a plan. I headed over that evening and Chris showed me where they were. He also told me a little bit more about this girl. He said that she had belonged to the people that used to live in one of  the abandoned houses. They had gotten evicted and they left her there. She wasn’t tied up, she just hung around there on that block and I guess the neighbors fed her. Chris said her family abandoned her about 6 months ago. She is a beautiful dog, about 65 lbs. or more.






Chris had been making a little progress with the mom and by the time I got there, she was letting him pet her on the head! Once I got there, though, she was growling again.  She was a good momma doing a good job. She had found the most amazing place to put her babies and she was protecting them. I got the lay out of everything and figured out what we had to do. I told Chris that I would be back the next day and we’d try to get them out of there.

I checked with one of our vets to see if I could give the momma acepromazine, to mellow her out. He said it was safe to go ahead, given the situation-we had to get them out of there. We knew the rain was coming. I went over the next morning and gave the momma some ace. We went back a few hours later when Chris got home. Momma was still alert, but I think mellowed out some. Chris climbed up the ladder and talked to momma, fed her canned food, pet her, and even picked up one of her puppies. I knew it’d be a different story when we went to remove the puppies, she was very protective of them.


Mama&Puppies07In the meantime, we drove over to the street behind. We had to go behind an abandoned house, through the brush and weeds to the wall where this little family was. We carried a large  wire crate up through there so as soon as I got her on the control stick, we could walk her just a little way and get her into a crate, with her babies.



Mama&Puppies12 (1)

Mama&Puppies14 (1)





We got momma and babies loaded up in the Chain of Hope van, safe and sound. Oh, there weren’t 8 puppies-there were 10! We told momma she could exhale now-she wasn’t out there on her own trying to take care of 10 babies.

Once we got momma back to Chain of Hope, she was a total love bug! She wasn’t afraid, she wanted to be pet, she’d leave her babies and walk outside on a leash with us and go for a walk.




Chain of Hope is an outreach group. Although was have some dogs up for adoption, our primary focus is outreach. We run across so many animals in very dire situations, we need to be able to pull some into our program immediately when we come across something that is an emergency. We often ask for help from other groups that are primarily adoption groups to help get some of our dogs that we rescue out of the hood adopted. T.A.R.A., The Animal Rescue Alliance, is a wonderful local rescue group that is a great help and support to Chain of Hope. I contacted them about this momma and babies and they found a foster home for them! We tranferred momma and babies over to TARA and they will make sure they get great homes. Thank you, TARA.

Chris was awesome and I am so glad he called Chain of Hope. I was really glad when the terrible rain started a few days ago that we had gotten them to safety and warmth. Thank you for keeping us out there. There are so many animals that need us so badly. We appreciate your support.



5 Responses to “Momma and Her Puppies Rescued”

  1. Lori Kleibohmer Says:

    Chain of Hope is the BEST organization! You are the reason we have our beautiful Elsie and for that we will be eternally grateful. I hope Mom and pups find great homes! Thank you for all you do!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    A great rescue! Something is wrong here. Every time I click LIKE I get a blank pop up. Looks like it works for others.

  3. Mary Says:

    What a wonderful “guardian angel” momma had in Chris! She is a beautiful dog, had one that looked just like her many years ago. Thank you Chain of Hope and Chris for rescuing this sweet family!

  4. Says:

    Highly energetic post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  5. Sharon Says:

    I love this story. You folks are a blessing, the work you do is wonderful Grateful to have Chain of Hope in our community!

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