Chain of Hope has been taking care of Huey for a couple of years. The poor boy was put on a chain as a puppy to be a “guard” dog. We hear that every single day in the hood. Huey was the sweetest boy with the most adorable face. He loved it when our van pulled up. He belonged to an elderly couple. Over the course of the last couple of years, the health of both of these people has failed greatly. Needless to say, Huey was more and more neglected. If it wasn’t for Chain of Hope, Huey would’ve fallen through the cracks and probably died on the end of his chain.




Huey was on Denise and her son Kyle’s south KC route on Sundays. Denise came back one Sunday last summer and said that Huey had a big wound or sore on his hip. I went over the next day and picked him up and got him into the vet. He had a large hot spot, so we knocked him out, neutered him and shaved and cleaned his hot spot. I took him back the next day with some medicine. It was so hard to put him back on that tie-out.

I know you’re thinking, why didn’t you just get him? The truth is that there are thousands  of Hueys all over this city.  We can’t possibly find a place for all of the dogs that need and deserve to get off of their chains. We have another dog that looks almost exactly like Huey and he lives on a chain. He deserves to get out of there and so do thousands of others.  What we can do is what we’re doing: canvassing this city 6 days a week and finding them , educating owners, and spaying and neutering. We are constantly working on cases to get dogs off of chains and into a better situation.  We are always in need of foster homes to make this happen.  We are making a difference out there and it’s because of all of you, our supporters, who  keep us going. You are sincerely appreciated.




Huey was always knocking over his dog house, which was an igloo. We took him a nice wooden house last fall. We kept the fleas and flies off of him every summer and stuffed hay in his dog house each winter. Chain of Hope has been his lifeline, his joy and his hope. Finally, because of their failing health, we were able to talk these people into finally relinquishing Huey to us. This darling, sweet boy was finally free!



I never knew what his name was at his house, but we are calling him Huey. He is gorgeous, gentle and thankful. He did test positive for heart worms, as most of our rescued dogs do. The dogs we rescue have lived their lives outside on chains and 80% of them test positive for heart worms. It can be an ordeal for them to go through and it is expensive, but these guys are so worth it! They get a whole new chance at life, just like Huey. Huey has received his first heart worm treatment injection and will be getting his next one soon. Then he will be able to live a long, happy life in his forever home.

Kim, our wonderful photographer, captured some great shots of Huey.  What a handsome hunk! A great personality! He’s got the whole package and we love this boy!


Huey01 (1)

Huey02 (1)


3 Responses to “Huey”

  1. Susan Says:

    Huey is so photogenic. He has such a sweet face I think he could be in the movies. The yard he was living in was awful, thank you for getting him out of there.

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Fortunately for Huey this was on of the few times that the owner put the needs of the dog first and relinquished him!

  3. Wendy Becker Metivier Says:

    That you explaining to everyone what it is you do. I agree that you can’t just go in and take a dog. There are thousands in need. A helping hand is always the best first step.

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