Trudy lived at a house in south Kansas City. She was on a chain when we found her and was not spayed. We brought her in and got her fixed, got her on a tie-out cable and got her a good dog house. The people did feed her, so we didn’t need to stop very often after that. Our south volunteers every Sunday are Denise and her son, Kyle. They would drop food at this house once in a while. I noticed when I drove by there that I didn’t see the dog anymore. Their back yard kind of had a hill that she had been up on that you couldn’t see real well from the street.  I finally asked Denise about it one time and she told me that she thought they had gotten rid of that dog. I thought so, too, because I never saw her.

I noticed one day when driving by the house that the dog house that we had given to them was still back there. I asked Denise that following Sunday if they could go by and talk to the people and tell them that we really needed it for another dog. Denise called me that afternoon and was stunned to tell me that they still had that dog. I couldn’t believe it either. I don’t know if they had had her in the basement for the winter, which is what some people do. I have no idea how this happened because we honestly didn’t see her out there. Nevertheless, when Denise had gotten out and gone to the back yard and seen that there was a dog there, she went to the front door. Practically the first words out of the people’s mouths when they opened the front door were, “we don’t want her, you can have her”.  Poor little Trudy. I don’t even know what they had called her, but we ended up naming her Trudy. Denise couldn’t get her right then and get her back to Chain of Hope that afternoon, so she had them go ahead and sign a relinquishment form and told the people that I’d be over there the next day to get her.




The next morning, Judy and I headed over to get this little girl. There she sat when we pulled up, just waiting for us to deliver her out of her hell hole. She was the cutest little brindle girl with a beautiful smile. We got her into the vet clinic and she tested positive for heart worms. 80% of our rescued dogs do test positive because they’ve lived their lives outside on chains and heart worms come from infected mosquitoes. We began treatment for Trudy. She had a pretty bad cough due to heart worms. Her treatment was very hard on her. Trudy coughed and coughed everyday, all day long it seemed like sometimes. . We gave her breathing treatments to help her breathe easier. Little Trudy had some difficult days, but she always had her same sweet spirit and would manage to wag her tail no matter how bad she felt. And always, that beautiful smile!

103_5695 103_5697

After an exhausting battle of coughing and coughing, Trudy finally began turning the corner. She was coughing less and had more energy. It was a beautiful thing to watch little Trudy get a little bit better everyday.  We decided to celebrate her recovery and so we threw a party for Trudy. April bought her a cake at Treats Unleashed (darling cake!). It had peanut butter frosting and our photographer, Kim, was there to catch this funny little girl getting her presents and eating her peanut butter cake. Tamara is the vet tech that cared for Trudy everyday, making her special dog biscuit/ peanut butter sandwiches to hide her pills in. Priceless photos-enjoy:
PreCake01 PreCake03








Trudy is finally ready for her forever home. She gets along with other dogs and is a very, very sweet and loving dog. If you can offer Trudy the love and attention she deserves, please go to and go to our “adoptions” page to fill out a foster or adoption application.

Thanks for keeping us out there! Thanks for supporting us so that when we rescue dogs like Trudy, we can provide the heart worm treatment that she needs. You supporters are what makes Chain of Hope so great! Beautiful Trudy says thank you very much, life is good now!



5 Responses to “Trudy”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I don’t understand the owner’s logic. Hopefully they were considerate enough to bring her in for the winter….or she could have been freezing in the dog house…who knows? I am glad that all turned out well for Trudy as well as other thanks to Chain of Hope.

  2. Wendy Says:

    What a lovely story and sweet girl, thank you for all that you do for the animals.

  3. Mary Says:

    God bless you and all of your helpers! Trudy looks like a sweetheart too!

  4. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom Says:

    I’m so glad she got a second chance at life! And, I love those pics of her with her cake, it looks like she really enjoyed it.

  5. Morgan Says:

    What a wonderful thing you all do. There are programs here in the south that do similar things. Y’all are absolutely wonderful to give these dogs a second chance, after all, rescues have the most love to give! 🙂

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