We had noticed a house back in the fall with several dogs chained up in the front and side yard. We stopped and met the people and the dogs. None of the dogs were fixed. There were 2 males and 2 females on chains. One of the females was the daughter of the other female. The black and white dog only had a pet taxi for shelter, so we gave him a dog house. The people told me that 3 of the dogs were theirs and that a family friend or relative had brought the black and white dog over there “temporarily” because they were moving or whatever. This happens a lot and we are always told that someone else owns a certain dog, it’s just there for a month or two, etc. Inevitably, the dogs becomes theirs because the friends and relatives rarely come back for them. No one ever came and got the black and white dog, so the people told me that they were going to keep it.

I brought their two females in for free spays and I told the people that when we got some grant money in, I’d come back and get the males in, too. Because they were receptive to spaying and neutering, we continued to help this family with hay and food for the dogs.

I stopped over there the day before one of the snowstorms and got them all fixed up. The guy came out and pointed to the black and white dog and said that someone was coming to get him. I said, “what do you mean?” and he said he was giving him away and someone was supposed to be coming to get him. I was shocked! I told the guy that I didn’t know he wanted to give that dog up or we would’ve taken him. He told me to check back the next week and if the guy hadn’t come for him, we could take him.

We went back over there about 4-5 days later. It was another snowy, very cold day. All of the dogs were hunkered down in the straw in their houses that we were able to provide for them (thank you donors!). I saw the black and white dog when we pulled up. Good! He was still here and we could get him and make sure he’s in good hands. He didn’t hear us pull up and I could see him curled up in his dog house. His head was right at the entrance to the dog house-he was barely in there. His big collar was being pulled tightly by the tie-out he was hooked to because the tie-out was all wound up in the top of the chain link fence. This boy could barely get into his dog house to get out of the snow and his neck was being pulled toward the fence because he was on such a short, tangled tie-out.


The guy came out and said, “you want him?” and we said yes! We got him off of that tangled tie-out and got him loaded in the van, finally out of the blowing snow and cold. ¬†Liberation Day!




Andy is a very affectionate, playful, sweet boy. We have had him with a couple of other dogs and he has done fine.




Andy had a great time the first time he got to run free in our big yard. He was so happy to be off of that very short tie-out! Thank you for supporting us. Another life transformed because you keep us out there!



One Response to “Andy”

  1. Susan Says:

    Andy looked so cold. I am so happy you saved his life. He is inside now where he belongs. I think he is so cute. Great job ladies, you are always in my prayers.

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