We had met a wonderful woman in the hood who was doing a great job of raising her son. He had recently gotten a pit bull puppy, actually from a cruelty situation in the neighborhood. They called us for help because she was sick. I went over and met Tonya,  her son, and the new puppy. It was pretty clear that it had mange. Thanks to your donations, we were able to get the vaccinations, de-worming and medicine for this puppy’s mange. She went back home with medicated shampoo, medicine and a pep talk about how to take care of her and how gorgeous she was going to be once the mange healed and her hair grew in.

Tonya told me about a house a block or two over that had been breeding pit bulls. She said that the pits would get out of the yard sometimes and run all around and that they were all really skinny, etc. Apparently animal control had come at some point and rounded up some of them. Tonya said there had been puppies and adults in this situation. About a week or so later, Tonya called to tell me the brindle momma pit was still around. Tonya said that she saw her a couple of houses over and that she looked terrible. I told Tonya if she ever saw her over there again to call me and I would come and get her.

A couple of weeks later, Tonya called and said that the momma was out there in front of her house. She said she was skin and bones. I told her to get her and she said that  by then, the little momma was running down the street. I told her to go out and try to call for her and that I was headed over. When I pulled up, Tonya had this adorable, emaciated little brindle pit bull momma tied up in her front yard. She did look terrible. She was very thin and she had apparently had an abscess on the side of her face that had burst and scabbed over. Poor little girl. Her teats were still hanging a little from her last litter. This little baby didn’t know it yet, but this was the best day of her life!  I named her Lilly.

Lilly had the most soulful brown eyes that just seemed to be pleading for us to take her out of there. She was adorable and we loved her instantly.






Lilly was filthy dirty, so into the tub she went!


Lilly settled in at Chain of Hope. She is the best dog! She is very quiet in her kennel and it is usually perfectly clean and dry when we come in in the morning. She has some scars on her face and head, but just a few. I don’t think she was fought, but I think she probably got attacked by other dogs over the little food that they had.

We’ve had Lilly about 6 weeks and she looks fantastic! I can’t say enough about this dog. She plays with other dogs, she loves people, and she is so happy to be with us.




Lilly is healthy now and has put on some weight. She is beautiful!



Thank God Tonya cared enough to notice Lilly and to call us!  It literally changed Lilly’s  life. It just takes one caring person to intervene and turn a dog’s life around for the better! Thank you for keeping Chain of Hope out on the streets rescuing and aiding neglected dogs! It’s a tough, tough job, but we are happy to be out there because we know we make a difference. Lilly thanks you too! She is lovin’ life now!



2 Responses to “Lilly”

  1. Connie Sherwood Says:

    She is beautiful. You guys are dogs angels! I wish more cities blamed the dog owners and not the breeds. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Paige Says:

    Yay! So nice to hear there are people stepping up and doing the right thing for dogs that otherwise wouldn’t have much of a chance! Thanks COH for continuing your mission and saving yet another innocent soul from a life on the streets!

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