Chain of Hope received a call from a woman that we had helped before. She had moved and I thought that various people that lived with her had all moved out and taken their dogs. I didn’t really know what was going on.  I had not heard from her in quite awhile. She called and said that she had taken in a stray. She said she’d had it about 2 weeks and that something was wrong with it. She told me that she had bought a bale of hay for it and a bag of dog food, but that it needed medical help and she had no more money. She said it was a Boxer mix of some sort. I told her if we came over there and it was sick that she needed to sign the dog over to me so that we could take it from there. She admitted that she didn’t need an animal at this time, so she said she would sign it over to Chain of Hope.

We headed over and found the cutest little, bald dog with a thick collar and a chain that was too big for him. His skin looked horrible. Almost all of his hair was gone and his skin was crusty and nasty. It was mange for sure. He stunk to high heaven. His big, brown eyes really got us! They were so  full of hope, and they melted our hearts.  We loaded the little guy up and got him over to the vet clinic.







Poor little guy had a really bad case of Demodex mange. That was good because that is the non-contagious kind.



He went into the tub for a medicated bath, which brought him much relief.


We have a great couple that fosters Boxer and Boxer mixes for us. Their last foster had been adopted a month or two ago. I knew I had to call Sarah and tell her about this poor, pathetic boy. I could see Boxer in him, but he was a mix for sure. He was gray and bald. You could see a beautiful brown on his head and face. It would be so interesting to see what this little one ended up looking like. Right now, he just needed help. Sarah was open to fostering. I sent her some pix and she talked with Nate about it and she called and said they’d love to do it and she could pick him up after work.

Sarah has fostered a lot of dogs for Chain of Hope, but when she walked back in my office and saw this boy, she was very teary-eyed. She said what we’ve all said when we see an animal that has suffered so terribly, “I hate people.”  I totally get it-the frustration of fighting this battle for these poor animals every single day and seeing the cruelty and neglect that people inflict on them makes you want to run away sometimes-it’s so overwhelming.  But we don’t run from it and we won’t. We are making a huge difference out there and we march on-because of your support.


103_5336Off Sarah went with the little one and I hollered at  her to think up a name for him. We talked a couple of days later and they had decided on Ed. Nate, Sarah’s husband, said that he reminded him of  Ed, the hyena in The Lion King! They said that he is adorable, sweet, wonderful-a great little dog. Nate and Sarah have a white Boxer named Callie that Chain of Hope rescued back in  March of 2012.  Her story can be read here-it really was a Battle for Callie :https://chainofhope.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/the-battle-for-callie/

Ed and Callie are great friends!

photo (10)Ed is doing awesome-getting better everyday!

photo (12)

photo (11)

Thank you Nate and Sarah and Callie for helping Ed heal. He is a lucky, lucky boy to have such a great foster home to recover in. We feel so badly  that poor Ed had to suffer like he did, but he finally got the help that he needed. Because Chain of Hope is on the streets 6 days a week and has been for 3 yrs., we have built relationships in the community and we know a lot of  people. Thankfully, this woman that had “rescued” Ed knew who to call. We are so glad that she did. Ed is living the good life now and he deserves to! Thanks for keeping us out there.

photo (14)


5 Responses to “Ed”

  1. kristi Says:

    Sarah is the BEST!

  2. Jenny Patten Says:

    I am Kate’s sister. I live in Ok. and also do rescue. Her blog breaks my heart. I Unfortunately we cannot change the world. There will always be cruelty, neglect, heavy chains, dog fighting, etc. The list goes on ands on. With each animal that is rescued though, the world of that animal is changed. Kate and COH have changed the world of many animals and I am so proud that she is not only my sister but also so very dedicated to being a “voice for the voiceless.” Here in Ok. the “it is just an animal” syndrome is so prevalent. I actually sat in court on a cruelty case and heard a judge tell a young man “son, you are lucky this was not a humane being.” As long as the judicial system has that attitude it is up to people like Kate and COH (and the other rescuers out there who work tirelessly) to change the worlds of the voiceless. Hang in there Kate. You are a “shero”to many.

  3. Jenny Patten Says:

    Sorry about the spelling and punctuation above. I get pissed when I start thinking about all the cruelty out there and my fingers get a mind of their own. Am sitting here watching Puppy Bowl (Super Bowl Sunday). Life should be this fun and simple for all of the babies out there.

  4. Donna Woods Says:

    Eddie you are beautiful!

  5. Kimberly Says:

    Nate and Sarah – you guys f’ing rock! I love the pictures, especially the ones where Ed is with Callie. Awesome!!!

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