Marmie and Her Little Women


Chain of Hope received a phone call from a guy north of the river wanting to donate a dog house. When we called him back the next day, he said that he had just become aware that a friend of his  had just been given a dog. The dog was very pregnant and had no shelter. It was at an auto shop in Independence. Since that was not that far for us, I told the guy that I’d get a dog house over to this dog, meet the guy and see how else we could help. We went over and that’s when we met this beautiful brindle girl. She was very, very pregnant and she was tied up in the auto shop yard.

We gave the guy a nice dog house, hay and food. We told him to put the dog house inside his garage to keep her warmer. He said he would. We advised him to really crank up her food and water.

We did not hear from the guy for about 5-6 weeks and then he called me one day. He said that she had had 11 puppies and that he had 7 left. He’d already given a few away. We told him that we’d get over there and we could help with with the rest. When the volunteers got over there, he was giving away 2  more puppies to relatives! The girls got the remaining 5 puppies and then the guy decided that he didn’t want the mom anymore either! That was ok with us-she was an adorable dog, didn’t need to be where she really wasn’t wanted, and the puppies could sure use another week of nursing.




We got them settled back at Chain of Hope. All 5 of the puppies were females. Momma was as sweet as could be. She was like a miniature mastiff mix. She weighed about 45 lbs.What a wonderful girl! She was a good momma, too, and she had beautiful babies!









All of her babies were gorgeous. As soon as we got them up on Pet Finder, we were pretty swamped with applications. One of them left pretty quickly with some good friends of one of our volunteers. We were left with the remaining 4 for a couple of weeks. Since they were all girls, we named them all after the characters in the book Little Women! Marmie is the mom and then we had Beth, Meg, Jo and Amy.

Marmie had been so emaciated and was tiring of her babies quickly.  We  had someone wanting to foster her, so we went ahead and took the puppies off of her and off she went to Susan’s house for foster! Marmie is doing great and Susan is in love with her! Marmie is finally just getting to be a dog-without all that responsibility of  taking care of babies.  She has put on weight and will be spayed soon. All of the babies that Chain of Hope rescued got awesome homes. Two of the girls were adopted together! Pretty sweet!


Thanks for keeping us out there for these precious babies that need us so badly. We couldn’t do it without you!


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