105_4628Chain of Hope received a call from a wonderful man that lives in the inner city. He has 4 of his own dogs, which he takes very good care of and they live in the house with him.  He had called us once before when he had rescued a tiny blk lab puppy in a thunderstorm. He’s a great guy and really has a heart for the animals. He was calling again because he had found another puppy and she was skin and bones. He knew he couldn’t keep her, so he asked us if we could help. We headed over and that’s when we met Nestle (as we now call her).

105_4626105_4630105_4699Nestle was skinny and a little scared, but we thought she was absolutely adorable! We took her back to Chain of Hope and got her settled in. We dewormed and vaccinated her. We knew we had to get some weight on her before spaying her. She was a little sweetheart from the beginning!

Nestle gives lots of kisses! We discovered that she is not a puppy, she is about one year old and is full grown at 30 lbs. People say she looks like a giant Chihuahua, a little Doberman, a Basenji mix, a large Min Pin. I don’t know what she is except super cute and a fabulous girl!

105_4697105_4693105_4695Nestle has put on weight and looks terrific. She plays in a playgroup with other dogs and does great. She is up for foster and/or adoption. Thank goodness Nestle was rescued off the streets. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been long before she was pregnant, hit by a car or picked up by animal control. Thank you for supporting us so that we can respond to situations like this and change another life forever!




One Response to “Nestle”

  1. Paige Says:

    She is adorable! Wish I had room for her in my home…

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