Shellie and Apollo


Chain of Hope discovered a wonderful brindle bullmastiff on a thick chain in a back yard. She was thin and her teats were hanging, empty from a litter already gone.  Our volunteer met the owner and asked if she was fixed already. He said that she wasn’t and that she had had a litter fairly recently. He kept telling us she was a presa, but she’s a bullmastiff. The man was receptive to having her spayed because he wanted a dog house for her and food and we told him that we couldn’t help him with anything unless she was spayed. The next time a volunteer was there, there was a brown Boxer mix puppy chained up too. The guy said it was his daughter’s or somebody’s and it wasn’t staying, which is something we hear almost everyday!



We were having some really cold nights and all momma had was an open shack for shelter. I went ahead and gave the guy a big igloo and I told him that if he didn’t fullfill his obligation to have her spayed when I came for her that I would be taking the dog house back. He said he understood.


We made arrangements for me to pick up the brindle momma and bring her in for a spay. The morning I went to get her, I pounded and pounded on the door and the guy didn’t come to the door. I went around back and the momma and the Boxer mix puppy were all tangled up in their tie-outs together-having to move as one around the yard because they were so tangled together. I went back to the front of the house and pounded on the storm window. He finally came to the door, all sleepy, and said , “Oh yeah-you’re here for the dog. Go ahead and get her.” I told him that the two dogs were all tangled and that he needed to get her and bring her down to my vehicle for me, which he finally did.

I took momma into the vet for her spay surgery. When I took her back the next day, the Boxer puppy was still there and the guy had moved the igloo over by him and momma just had the shack again. There are lots of tree branches down where he had the puppy tied and he was always tangled. We talked about him moving the branches, moving the puppy, why was the puppy even still,here, etc.  It was obvious that he was intending to keep this puppy-we pretty knew that from the get go. We knew we would have to monitor this house pretty closely.


We went there a couple of more times and it was always the same. Puppy tangled, feces everywhere, momma with inadequate shelter, etc.  I finally decided to email animal control and send them the pix that I had. I asked them for an update after they went over and checked this out. I didn’t hear anything back for a few days, so I called and left a message. They apparently had never gone over there because I received an email later that evening that animal control had gone over there that day and that they had impounded both dogs! Finally, these kids were out of there. The guy was told to clean up the yard and that he couldn’t get his dogs back until he cleaned up his yard and a supervisor approved it.

I called the shelter and asked them to put a note in the computer that Chain of Hope was interested in pulling these two out of the shelter. We went over last Sunday to get them. The guy never came back for them, thank goodness.


They were both so excited to be leaving the shelter. We got them back to Chain of Hope and got them settled in. They are delightful! Very good dogs! We will find them great homes and they can forget about their terrible lives. They are both very affectionate. Of course, we will watch this house to make sure he doesn’t have another dog back there-we always do monitor these houses.

Thank you for keeping us out there. It took almost two months to take care of this situation and get the pix and document conditions, but we finally were able to get something done over here and we thank animal control for taking these babies out of their hellhole.



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