105_4267Chain of Hope received a call back in October from a young woman that lived in northeast KC named Crystal. She was upset and she had a very sad story to tell us. Her brother and his girlfriend had a black pit/lab mix named Kane.  Her brother had gone to jail and the girlfriend kept the dog in the basement with no food, no water for 2 weeks.  When Crystal found out that the dog was not being cared for, she went over and got him. The girlfriend had up and moved! Poor Kane was in the basement, starving, thirsty and with a bad case of mange.

Crystal and her room mate took Kane in and had called all around trying to find some help for him. Either places didn’t call them back or they told them they couldn’t help them. When I returned this phone call, Crystal was crying. She told me that they had taken Kane in a few weeks ago and had tried to do the best they could for him, but his skin was terrible and he was digging and scratching all the time. Poor Kane was miserable. Crystal even told me on the phone that she didn’t care if she had to sign him over to us to get the care he needed, that she would do it if she had to. She said she didn’t know what else to do and that they were struggling financially and could not afford to get Kane to the vet. I told her that I’d come over and see Kane and see what we could do.

When I got over there, I met two of the nicest young women who were very concerned about Kane. Crystal was crying. These girls loved this dog and he loved them. They kept him in the house and he had gained a lot of weight already since they’d had him, they said. I asked them if they wanted  to keep the dog and they said yes. I asked them where they kept him and they said in the house, which is where he was when I got there. I asked them if everything was cool with their landlord and they could have the dog there with no problem and they said that the landlord had no problem with them having Kane. Everything was good except that Kane needed medical help that they could not afford. I really wanted to keep this dog in this loving home. I told them that we could help them, but that when we took him in for his skin issues, we would have to neuter him because I wasn’t going to help them if they weren’t willing to neuter him. They said that they had absolutely no problem with that-they wanted him neutered and seemed to know the benefits of having it done.

105_4266 105_4265

I brought Kane in for his skin and to get neutered. He did indeed have mange and when I took him home that evening, I had a bunch of medication for him, including something to help with his constant digging and scratching. The girls were very, very grateful and they were so excited when I brought Kane back.

About a month later, we received another call from these girls. They said that Kane was doing great and had healed up and grown back some hair, but that he was starting to itch again. I talked to the vet and we renewed a couple of the prescriptions and I headed over to Kane and the girls. They brought him right out when I pulled up and Kane totally remembered me! He was jumping on me and getting lots of hugs! He looked 95% better!!! His coat was shiny and he was definitely growing hair back. He looked fantastic and everyone was very happy. I left them with some more meds, food and treats and told the girls to keep in touch and let us know how he’s doing.

105_4542This is a great example of where your donations go. These girls love this dog and he loves them-they just needed a little help. Thank you for continuing to donate-it keeps us out on the streets finding animals in unimaginable need.



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