Look What’s Happened to Some of Our Kids!

Little Princess was finally given up by her owner after battling skin issues for months and months. Chain of Hope was able to get her the help that she needed and she was adopted into her forever family-including a Schnauzer sister!

You might remember Lacey. Lacey hung around a junkyard/auto service place in the hood. No one could touch her and she’d had countless litters of puppies. Chain of Hope worked very, very long and hard getting Lacey. It took daily visits to the junkyard. We finally got her and she was adopted into her forever family this past summer.

Gracie was in a house for 5 days and we didn’t know she was there. Chain of Hope received a call about a gentleman going into the hospital and he wasn’t going to be coming back home. We had a report that there were 2 dogs there, but when we went over we only saw the one on a chain in the backyard. We went daily to feed him and never knew Gracie was inside. We had pounded on the door, etc. and she never made a peep, until about 5 days later, when she was crying in an upstairs window.  She was getting hungry, I’m sure! Gracie has a wonderful home now!

Chain of Hope rescued Violet just this past month. We found out about Violet from one of our trusty postal carriers that alerts us to various situations of animals needing help. Poor Violet was banished from her house where her 6 puppies were and was constantly shooed away and told she wasn’t a good mother, wasn’t a good dog, etc. Well, Violet found a whole lot of people that knew she was a fantastic girl and loved and cared for her-Chain of Hope volunteers!  Violet is a very sweet,gentle, grateful dog and she is now in her forever home with Jane and her brother, Skip, where she is loved and cherished!

Moose is an awesome Bull Mastiff that Chain of Hope trapped in the woods in Kansas City, Ks. He had a terribly embedded collar, was underweight, etc. Poor Moose was in pretty bad shape. Chain of Hope got him all fixed up and now Moose loves his forever home!

One of my all time favorite stories and dogs-the story of Gus. Talk about a cross to bear in this world-Gus had it. This poor boy had so many issues when Chain of Hope was able to rescue him from his owner. He’d been shot by the police, he had mange, he had every parasite imaginable  including heart worms, he had a severe ear infection  AND he had a nasty embedded collar. He was withdrawn, not socialized and over all just a hot mess. However, Gus stole my heart. I’d known him for awhile and had been caring for him when he was chained up at his house. When we got him to Chain of Hope, I was so relieved. He was difficult at first, but he had every right to be. He had been treated terribly and it was hard for him to trust. But I loved that boy from the beginning. He would growl and had even snapped at volunteers in the beginning, but he trusted me. Gus and I walked miles and miles through the months. He grew to love me, too, and he’d get so excited when I’d come in in the morning. He was still sensitive about handling him around his neck and he didn’t want his ears messed with, but again-he had every right to be upset. We were all patient with him and worked with him. Gus and I got into a little routine when he had to kennel. He would come and stand right in front of his crate and before going in it, I had to kneel down and pet him and hug him and tell him how awesome and handsome he was and then he’d go on in and lay down.

I received a call from Chris one late afternoon. He and his wife had seen Gus on Pet Finder and had read his story on the Chain of Hope blog.  Chris was wondering if he could come and meet Gus. I ended up waiting for him to come down that evening and introduced him to Gus. Gus was a little shy at first, but Chris was not bothered by it. He really liked Gus and for having had issues with men in particular, Gus did pretty good with Chris. Chris’s wife, Andi, came the following weekend and brought Lola, their dog, to meet him. Things went well and they decided to give it a try and adopt Gus!

Chris and Andi live in Lawrence, so I drove Gus over the next Saturday to his new home! They were all very excited to see him. Well, maybe not Lola at first, but she’s warmed up to him! I wasn’t sure  how things would go. I had a lot of confidence in Gus and I knew he’d come so, so far. I felt like he was ready!

Everything has worked out beautifully! Gus is very, very happy in his new home with Chris, Andi and Lola.  I have to say when I came into work that next morning, I felt a real pang in my heart without Gus there. I missed him terribly, but this was the goal-to get him into his forever home.  He could sleep on the sofa and run around a beautiful, fenced back yard with his dog sister. I really want to cry when I think about Gus and how resilient he was. He came back from dire circumstances, many health issues, and a loveless environment and he landed in the best home that he possibly could! Have a great life, Gus, and thank you Chris and Andi!

These are great stories and I have many, many happy stories. All of these animals were rescued and helped because of you, our supporters. We absolutely could not save dogs like Gus without you. When I say thank you for keeping us out there, I sincerely mean it-and so do the animals!


2 Responses to “Look What’s Happened to Some of Our Kids!”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Thank you COH for all of your hard work.

  2. Chris Says:

    Kate- it’s our pleasure and our honor to give Gus the best home we can. He is a wonderful boy and we can’t imagine life without him. He is special. We are proud of our small association with Chain of Hope.

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