Clarence and Amelia Get Married!

A lot of you are very familiar with Clarence and Amelia, a pair of wonderful bully breed dogs that Chain of Hope rescued almost a year ago. Their individual stories are earlier on the blog, but basically we saved Clarence from the streets in January of 2012. We actually trapped Amelia on the streets, pregnant and scared in February of 2012.

We’ve had both of these fabulous dogs all these months and something wonderful happened while they were here. They fell in love! Clarence and Amelia have been together all this time and they adore each other. They don’t always love other dogs, but they totally love each other!

We finally decided that we needed to make this official and so last week, Clarence and Amelia were married in a ceremony at Chain of Hope! Amelia was a beautiful bride and Clarence was the handsome hunk that he is!

Check out Clarence and Amelia’s video of their wedding-it’s incredi-bull!!!

These two are so bonded with each other, when we take one out for a walk, they wait and wait for the other to come, too! They make a stunning couple. Together, they are a lot of dog, but it’s twice the love!!! Clarence is a total love bug. Nothing would make Clarence happier than to  lay in your lap all day long! Amelia is more independent and busy, but is also very loving. These two lovebirds have waited a long, long time to have a forever home.

Please share this blog with others and let’s really get the word out about Clarence and Amelia! They’ve been waiting a long time to finally be settled in their forever homes! Call Chain of Hope at 816-221-8080 or email us at



One Response to “Clarence and Amelia Get Married!”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Congratulations to the newly weds! I hope you are adopted as a couple!.

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