Violet is our newest addition to Chain of Hope. She has a sad story, but she’s a Chain of Hope dog now so she’s going to be just fine.

We ran into one of our awesome postal carriers at Qtrip the other day. She’s turned in a lot of concerns to us over the years. She started telling me about an emaciated momma dog with her teats hanging that just wandered around a section of northeast. She said she was a stray and she didn’t know where her puppies were. She told us the area where she’s been seeing her, so we headed over that way. We drove and drove, looking for her. We talked to a lot of people and handed out our cards to several people and asked them to call if they saw her. We turned down another street, looking for her, and all of the sudden we saw her! We knew that was her-she was very skinny and her teats were hanging. After talking with lots of people, we found out where this dog lived and where her puppies were. She wasn’t a stray after all-she just had an idiot owner that didn’t care about her at all.

We went up to the house and knocked on the door. A guy came to the door and I introduced myself. He said that the momma “wouldn’t feed the puppies” and she wasn’t a “good dog”, etc. He said the puppies were in the house and they were feeding them God knows what. I asked him if I could see them and he ended up bringing 3 of them out. They were pretty tiny still-only about 3 weeks old. They were in pretty bad shape. They were dehydrated and I talked with the man about just giving us the entire litter and momma. He said that it was fine with him, that he was the one that had to feed them and clean up after them and he was sick of it. However-they actually belonged to a person that lived in the house. It was some woman that had 3 kids, was pregnant again and this guy came to live there with this woman and her boyfriend, husband-whatever. He was there to be the 24 hr. caretaker of the house and kids. This guy told me that he would talk to her, but he was sure she’d let us have them. I gave him my cell number and asked him to call me after he talked with her and I would come over and get all of them-mom and babies. He kept criticizing the momma dog about how she wasn’t a good dog. It was hard to hear and then look down at her-so depleted and unloved. She literally wandered the streets of northeast. People that we talked to said they saw her all the time, often many, many blocks away.

I never heard from him, so we went over the next day 2-3 times and pounded and pounded on the door. No one ever answered, so I left them a note on their door. I was very worried about the puppies-I didn’t think they were going to make it.

I never heard from these people, so I went over early the next morning to catch them while they were getting the kids ready for school, etc. There was a car in the driveway. Momma was across the street. I knocked on the door and it ended up that a couple of people I hadn’t seen before came out. The woman was the spokesperson and said that the puppies weren’t dehydrated, that they were doing just fine.  She was very defensive. I told her that they looked terrible the other day and she said, “yea-well, they’re doing better now and these puppies aren’t going anywhere.” She was totally shut down to the idea of us or anyone taking the puppies. The guy that I had talked to a couple of days before finally came out and he completely turned on me and started acting like the puppies were fine and that he didn’t understand what I was worried about. He totally went the other way and joined in with the other people that were there.

One of the people pointed to momma and said that they were taking her to a shelter today. They said she had worms and they were taking her to a shelter to help her get better. I told them that this girl didn’t have a prayer in a shelter-she was in too bad of shape and would most likely be euthanized. I offered to take her and they signed her over to me! I loaded momma in the car and then I reiterated about the puppies needing more fluids, etc. These people didn’t give a rat’s ass about this mom or the puppies.

I got momma back to the clinic. She had always been a total sweetheart-I don’t know why they treated her so terribly. We got her all set up  and then decided to give her a bath-she was filthy from being on the streets.

While we were bathing her, we noticed that she had some bloody mucous coming out of her. I talked to Dr. Kennedy and she said it looked like this momma had pyometra-an infection of the uterus. It generally happens 4-6 weeks after giving birth and that fit perfectly with how old the puppies were now. Even though she was skin and bones, we had to spay her the next day. She did fabulously! Came through like a champ and now she is such a happy dog! She’s always wagging her tail and smiling!

I feel so bad for the puppies, but there is nothing we can do. The people would never answer the door if animal control came over there. They have the puppies in the house and they weren’t going to let anyone have them.

We are concentrating on getting Violet well and adjusted. She really is a super sweet girl. How sad that everyone over there shooed her away and told her she was a bad dog, a bad momma, etc. It was so unfair to her. Violet is so happy now!

Thank you for keeping us out there!


5 Responses to “Violet”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Violet is beautiful! Her eyes are so expressive. Thank you for saving her!

  2. jeanne Says:

    You all are my heros!

  3. Maria Kaplan Says:

    Violet is indeed a champ!

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    Idiots should never be allowed to own an animal. Fortunately Violet turned out well thanks to COH!

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