Chained and Pregnant

Chain of Hope first became aware of this chained, pregnant dog a couple of months ago while driving an alley that we check quite frequently due to the high turn-over of animals and people over there. We saw a new dog that we had never seen before. She was a retriever mix and she was very, very pregnant.  She was chained to her dog house and she looked like she would go into labor at any moment. We knocked on the door, but no one was home. We left our info and a note, but the people never called us.

I went down the alley a few days later to check on this dog again and she wasn’t there. My only thought was that she had had the babies and maybe, just maybe, the people had pulled mom and pups in the house or basement or something. We kept our eye on the house for a  couple of weeks, but we never did see momma.

We didn’t go for about a month or so, figuring that they were in the house. The other day, we were close by and I decided to check that alley again. There was momma, back out on her chain and we saw a couple of her puppies running around. There were lots of neighbor kids running around as well. We pulled over and went up to talk to the people. The woman who owned the dog did not speak any English, but her daughter was there to interpret. There were 5 puppies, they were about 6 weeks old and they didn’t want any of them. (How refreshing-usually these people always want to keep at least one puppy!). The woman was receptive to having momma spayed when her milk dries up and she signed the entire litter over to Chain of Hope. We had lots of help rounding up the litter. There was a very shy little chocolate one that just hid in the corner of the dog house. The woman comforted the momma dog as we took her puppies. Usually by now, the mommas are getting very tired of the puppies anyway, so she wasn’t terribly upset.

We got the puppies back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic and de-wormed, de-flea’d, and vaccinated them. They were pretty frightened being without momma and in a strange place.

These puppies are so cute and they are coming out of their shells-even the little chocolate one!

These little guys are almost ready for adoption. They are doing awesome. We have them set up with all the comforts of toys, raw hides and soft beds to lay on. You know we won’t forget about momma. We will absolutely be getting her spayed in a couple of weeks and then we will monitor her. The woman seems pretty caring, at least a lot more than the majority of the people we deal with.

Thank you for keeping us out there. We work very hard every single day for the neglected animals in Kansas City and we couldn’t do it without you!


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