Sadie Irene

Chain of Hope received a call from someone from a rescue group in town about a dog she had seen that morning on her way to work. She said it looked like a Coonhound of some sort and that it was emaciated. She stopped and tried to feed it and it ran. She told us exactly where it was and we headed over. We found the house in mid-town where the dog had been spotted.  We went up and knocked on their door. The lady was super nice and said that she’d been seeing it and she had been feeding it. It was apparently a stray and it came in her yard everyday. I asked her if we could put a trap in her back yard and she said that was fine.

We went back the next day and set the trap right by the trail she’d been taking through the back yards. We baited it, gave our cell numbers to the woman that lived there and asked her to call if the dog went in there.

We left to do some other outreach calls. About an hour later, Nellie called and said that the dog was out there, but it hadn’t gotten in the trap yet. We headed that way and got there in about 5-10- min and by the time we got there, a beautiful, starved Coonhound was in there!

We got the little hound dog back to Kennedy’s Animal Clnic and got her settled in. She was very, very scared. A volunteer that is now fostering her named her Sadie Irene after her grandma. It fit her perfectly. Sadie began coming out of her shell, ever so slowly. Being a part of that transition-that blossoming-is awesome as so many of you know.

Sadie had some little scrapes and things on her, but we skin-scraped her and she is negative for anything else. She was just a little beat up. She is now spayed, putting on weight and learning to love people-especially her foster mom!

Thank you for donating so that we can go out and save the Sadies of the world.


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  1. Alison Randall Says:

    An update on Sadie Irene. She has been living with us for a month now and is thriving and loving her big sister, Gracie. Gracie, by the way, is being a marvelous sister–letting Sadie chew on her ears, legs, etc., and putting up with sharing beds. We have four dog beds; Sadie usually wants to be in the one with Gracie. There has not been but one brief ‘to-do’ and that was over quickly with no loss of blood. Just a show of teeth–message sent, message received. She is learning to walk on a lease–sort of. She wants to be leading, but we are working on that (so far, she is winning but I am stubborn). We are so glad we adopted Sadie. Gracie was really sad since her pal, Wags, had gone to doggie heaven. She is certainly no longer lonely, and they have a great time running, playing tug of war, and Gracie is showing Sadie how to dig big holes in the yard–that not so good. Thanks for all Chain of Hope does for the dogs in need!!

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