Beautiful Jazzy has a sad, but typical story-only hers has a happy ending! I met Jazzy, who was called Jasmine back then, a couple of yrs. ago. She was chained to the fence in the back of a house right on a corner. She had a great dog house, a bucket of clean water, she was good body weight and her owners came right out to talk to us. They were receptive to having Jasmine spayed, so I brought her in one morning for her spay surgery. We continued to help the people and stayed involved with Jasmine.

Jasmine lived in her dirt circle, on her chain, like so many dogs in Kansas City. We took her hay and food in the winter and hung fly bags, sprayed fly spray and put ear gel on her poor little ears to keep the flies off of her in the summer. At first, the people came out all the time to talk to us and then it just kind of got to the point where they didn’t anymore. They didn’t care if we just pulled up and went back to Jasmine and fixed her up and left a bag of food. Jasmine would get so excited when we’d pull up! She was getting less and less attention from her people and she was more and more happy when we’d come. She just wanted pet so bad and talked to. It was sad and we felt terrible leaving her every time. We had no space to bring her into our program, so the next best thing we could do was maintain her and make sure she didn’t slip further through the cracks. Jasmine had sadly become just another lonely, chained up, forgotten, back yard dog. Instead of finding Jasmine with a bucket of clean water, we started finding her with no water at all and very thirsty when we’d come and water her. She deserved so much better than this.

I had Jasmine on the outreach list one day and the volunteers came back and said that they went over there and Jasmine was gone! I was shocked-she was always out there. I was so worried-we could not lose track of that girl! A volunteer and I went right over there the next day and knocked on their door. The lady was home and when I asked her about Jasmine, she said that her kids hadn’t been taking care of her. Really??  She said she had taken Jasmine over to her dad’s house. She told me that her dad had just called her that morning and said something about Jasmine being in the garage and he couldn’t get the garage door to open or something, so this woman was headed over there to help her dad. She told us to follow her and she’d take us to Jasmine. We pulled up and there was Jasmine, not in a garage but chained to a tree in the front yard, with no shelter, no food and no water. It was trashy and bad. She was SO happy that we were there! The lady asked us if we could take her and of course, we said yes! We’d figure something out. This woman hugged Jasmine good-bye. She was really giving Jasmine the best gift she could possibly give her-her freedom.

Jasmine is now called Jazzy and she is at Chain of Hope.  She could sure use a foster home! No one has taught her a thing, but she is a smart girl and is already learning a lot. She watches our faces and wants to please us, but she is a big, strong girl. We are in the process of introducing other dogs to her. She just doesn’t know how to act. She has been a solitary, lonely dog for almost 2 yrs., except for our visits, toys and pig ears. She is a good girl and seems to be very happy now! She loves to go for walks and to have free time in the yard. She loves chasing balls-she just doesn’t always bring them back yet!  She’s probably going to be around 80-85 lbs. when totally filled out. She is a Shepherd/Akita mix and absolutely stunning in person!  She does have heart worms and we will be starting her treatment soon, but I’d say she’s a pretty happy girl. Freedom is a beautiful thing!


2 Responses to “Jazzy”

  1. Jennifer Miller Says:

    she is sooo pretty! i’m so glad you guys rescued her from that life!!

  2. Susan Says:

    She looks just like my Shiba Inu, whose name was Homer. He had heart worm when we was rescued. He got heart worm treatment and lived ten more years to the age of 16.

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