Julie and Niko

Chain of Hope received a call from a very nice woman named Julie, who lived in northeast. Her treasured dog, Niko, had gotten out of the backyard and been hit by a car. She called us because she had no transportation and very little money. We headed over and met Julie and Niko. Niko is a gorgeous yellow lab mix, just as sweet as he can be. His leg was pulled up, swollen  and you could tell he was hurting. Julie explained what had happened to our satisfaction. She was a good pet owner who dearly loved her boy. It was a fluke thing and I absolutely know that something like that would not happen again.

We loaded Niko up to take him in to the vet.

We got him in there for some x-rays and his tibia was broken.  Poor guy!

We needed to take Niko over to Independence Animal Hospital, who does our orthopedic work for us. They are very good to us and we appreciate it!

Niko did just great with his surgery. He had to have a large pin inserted into his leg. It is healing well and should be coming out soon. Julie has taken good care of him and Niko truly loves her! He got so excited when we took him back home. Julie was able to give us some money toward Niko’s surgery, but there’s no way she could’ve saved him without Chain of Hope. Thank you for continuing to donate and keeping us out there. Outreach has been incredibly busy lately and I am always so thankful that we are getting the calls and responding to so many animals in need. We could not do this without you all behind us, so we sincerely thank you for your support.


One Response to “Julie and Niko”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Fortunately Julie knew about Chain of Hope. Animal Rescues are not common knowledge. I didn’t know about COH until I saw a banner on the Raytown Report. COH staff, thank you for being there to help those in need.

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