The Face of Parvo

We have been facing a lot of parvo lately. We’ve had call after call after call. We’ve treated 4 parvo pups in the last 2 weeks (and plenty this past summer) and we’ve lost 3 of them. It has been horrible. Parvo is such a brutal disease, the suffering involved is unbelievable. The vomiting, the bloody diarrhea, drooling mucous, lethargy-it’s the most terrible disease. We are trying to save them.  Sometimes we’re successful and sometimes we’re not.

Our last two puppies that we treated were Jethro and Ellie Mae. They were two hound/lab mixes, about 3 mo. old. When they first came in, Jethro looked in better shape than Ellie Mae, who was weak. The next day, Jethro started getting bad. We gave him the next day to rally. That evening, Donna brought her “parvo chair” in and sat in the isolation room with the babies. She took turns holding them, massaging them and singing to them. She spent about 4 hrs., just comforting Jethro and Ellie Mae. When we left late that night, I thought Jethro seemed much more comfortable than he had during the day. We left about 9:00 pm and prayed and wished good thoughts for these two. The next morning, we came in and found that Jethro had died. We were so sad. Ellie seemed a little better and Donna was back the next morning, holding Ellie and singing to her again. Ellie was so much better later that she was able to get her IV out. Donna sat and massaged her little leg where the catheter had been. I’m happy to say that Ellie is out of the woods and doing very well. She’ll need a foster home and/or adoptive home soon! Thank you, Donna, for your sweet spirit.

Our medical bills average about $3500 a month. We have been hit hard lately with these little sick babies. Thank you for your continued support to enable us to keep at it, as sad as it is.

We press on in your memory, Jethro. You fought hard.


One Response to “The Face of Parvo”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    RIP Jethro. This sadness wouldn’t happen if people vaccinated their dogs, but I expect that is too much to expect from people in the hood. 3 year rabies vaccinations are are allowed where I am moving to but I will get the 1 year just so Red Dogg will get yearly vaccinations otherwise it would be every 3 years.

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