Another Day in Paradise

Chain of Hope was helping a woman with her cat and two kittens when she asked us if we could help her sister. She said that her sister had a lot of cats and really needed some help. I went over there and she had 2 mommas and 2 litters of kittens on her front porch. A couple of the kittens had really crusty eyes and they were only about 3 weeks old. I took those two in for some medical help and told the woman that I’d be back. We had checked on a dog for someone that had called a concern into us. She was a cat rescuer and she told us that she’d be happy to take on  “cat house” when we needed someone to. I thought this was a good situation for her to help with, so I emailed her the info and she gladly went over there a few days later.  That evening, she emailed me and asked me if I knew there was a pit bull with a hurt leg over there! I told her that we had not seen any dogs over there and the woman didn’t say anything about having a dog. This person told me that the dog with the hurt leg was not tethered, it was just hanging out there. I immediately called the owner and had to leave a message. I told her I’d be by in the am on my way to work and pick up the dog with the injured leg.

I went by the next morning and the woman that lived there told me that no one could catch the dog ever since it got injured. It stayed in a field next to her house. She told me it “used to be” her son’s dog. I asked her what she meant by “used to be”. She just said that no one could touch it since it got injured. I told her that I would go get one of our dog traps and be back. A volunteer and I went back over with our trap. No one was home at this time. We walked around back and discovered that there was another pit bull back there! It hadn’t made a sound. It was very skinny and was tied to a tiny back porch with a purple leash. This poor dog had very little room and had pooped all over the steps-the only place she could. She had no food, no water-it was pathetic.

We decided to set the trap and go on a few other calls. We were trying to get the hurt dog and then we’d deal with the other dog. When we came back about 45 min. later, the woman, her son and his friend were there. As I parked and walked around the van, the kid was walking towards me with the hurt dog in his arms! I told him that his mom had told me that no one could touch it and he said, “I can touch it-it’s my dog”. As he came over to me, I asked him if she was fixed yet. He said, ” hell no and I’m not fixing her”.  I asked him whose dog the one in the back was and he told me it was his too. I told him that she was in terrible shape and asked him if she was fixed. He said the same thing-that she wasn’t and he wasn’t doing her either. I got a copy of the city ordinance out and showed it to him. He looked right at me and said, “F*** animal control. F*** the law, and you know what else? F*** the police!” Man, this kid was bold and mouthy. I told him that if that’s the way he felt about it, I was not going to help him with the hurt leg since he wasn’t willing to get both of them fixed for free. He said, “F*** all that” and turned around and put the pit bull puppy down and she scampered over in the field where she hung out. I said, “That’s what you’re going to do with her?” and he said, “she won’t go nowhere”. I told him that she really needed an x-ray and I hoped he followed up with vet care and we left. It was starting to pour down rain, heavier and heavier.

I guess just to make life difficult for another animal, these people had used the only dog house on the property as a home for a garter snake! Unbelievable. We went back to the office and I sent my pictures that I had taken, along with information, over to animal control. A supervisor called me a couple of hours later and told me that they were going over there. I told them  everything the kid had said and that they’d probably need PD if they were going to go take the dogs-this kid was a difficult kid.

It had rained all afternoon and the poor pit bull tied to the porch was still there, soaking wet. Animal control and the police met up the street and went down to this house in the rain, at night, and impounded both dogs and issued the kid several citations. Unfortunately, this kid had no warrants or anything else to get him on. Animal control took the dogs back to the shelter that night. At least they weren’t out in the pouring rain, starving anymore. Animal control did an awesome job with this situation and we thank them wholeheartedly!

We went to the shelter to see the dogs the other day. The brindle girl’s leg appears to be on old injury that was not treated and the leg has healed a little weird. It doesn’t seem to be causing her pain. The poor blk/wh girl is there, too. It’s so sad, but I’m telling you-there are worse things than euthanasia (if that’s what ends up happening, which is likely). We see it everyday. Just look at how these dogs were living and they were both females and would no doubt be dropping litter after litter in that neighborhood, and the suffering would continue.

Our work is frustrating, difficult, and depressing but we are helping so many animals. Thank you for keeping us going. Our work is critical in the inner city.

(Side note-the snake got out of the dog house!)


4 Responses to “Another Day in Paradise”

  1. Michelle Branson Says:

    So are these dogs at KC Shelter (KC Pet Project)? Poor babies. If you can’t or don’t give a sh*t about how a dog or cat is treated or lives, why do these people insist on getting dog after dog or cat after cat. Just don’t have a pet!!!

    Pardon, my language.

  2. Jennifer Taylor Says:

    It looks like the brindle has been renamed Cecily and the black-and-white is now Alanis. They at least have been given a fighting chance, thanks to COH.

  3. Donna Woods Says:

    This seems to be the norm of a life of a dog in the hood! I believe they enjoy watching the suffering of animals.

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    What a bad a** owner! People like that should NEVER be allowed to own an animal. I feel sorry for animals who suffer because of idiots. If someone offered to fix my dog free, I would thank them. I paid about $200 to have her fixed.

    I hope these 2 are adopted into caring homes.

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