Diamond has quite a story. We first noticed this Mastiff mix in a fenced front yard with her teats hanging with milk. She was very thin and she looked like she had a big flea problem-her back end was red and irritated and a lot of her hair had fallen out. We knocked on the door and a teen-age girl answered. She said that Diamond had had 14 puppies! We asked if we could see them and she replied that they weren’t there. She claimed that Diamond did not take care of them, wouldn’t feed them-whatever. Unfortunately we’ve run into this before. Most of the time, if they’d just leave the mom and babies alone, they’ll do fine.

This girl told us that the puppies were at her sister’s house or something. She would not give us the address and said that her sister was bottle-feeding all of them. She said that some of them had died already. We offered help, told her we’d take them, etc. but she was not very receptive. She acted like her sister had it handled.

We went back the next day to see how things were going and we talked to the mother this time. She told us that all of the puppies had died. No surprise there, but very sad. The mother was receptive and said that she did want to get Diamond spayed. We applied some Advantage to her for her flea problem. We left food and talked about feeding her a few times a day to get some weight on her, bathing her, etc. I told her that we’d check back in 2-3 weeks and see if she was ready to be spayed. She was just too thin, too run down and too full of milk right now.

We went back in about a month and I could not believe the difference in Diamond! She had hair growing in on her back, she had put a lot of weight on already-she looked great! The mother seemed to really care about Diamond and we complimented her on what a great job she had done. Diamond was now ready to be spayed, so I brought her on in for that. She told me that she really wanted her to be a house dog, but she needed cleaned up first since we finally got rid of her fleas, etc.

Dimaond was a little scared, but she was fine. We had time before her surgery so we went ahead and gave her a bath.

When they opened Diamond up to spay her, they discovered that she was very newly pregnant again with 10! She had just been pregnant about 4-6 weeks ago. Unbelievable! This is the 2nd dog that we’ve gotten that this had happened to. We did go ahead and spay her. We kept her overnight to rest and I took her back home the next day. Imagine-that’s 24 puppies that she would’ve brought into this world in just 2 months! Thank God we saw this girl and stopped to talk with the owner. It’s all about being out there on the streets.

Diamond is now a house dog! We’ve stopped by since we took her home and she was in the house and looks great! She is such a happy dog and this woman loves this dog. Education, offering resources, and monitoring  turned this nightmare into a happy, good, healthy situation for both the dog and the owner. Thank you for keeping us out there!


2 Responses to “Diamond”

  1. Jennifer Miller Says:

    sad about the puppies, but otherwise awesome. you helped the lady and educated her and she stepped up!! wow, that doesn’t happen often. that’s great!!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    They needed some help. I am glad to see someone who has the common sense to spay and make Diamond an indoor dog. Every dog should be an indoor dog! I am in contact with a no-kill rescue where I am moving and one of their requirements for adoption is the dog be an indoor dog.

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