Pit Bull Trio

Chain of Hope received a call for dog food. When we got to the house the other day, the woman was home and we walked around back to see their pit bull. That’s when we met Blaze-a very handsome male pit. He wasn’t neutered, but he was at good body weight. He had a big, thick collar on and was dragging around a heavy chain. He had a pet taxi, but there also was his dog house over by the hose, taken apart and there was a bottle of spray Clorox there. Looked like they were cleaning up his house. He was pretty aggressive acting in his dirt circle, but they often are when that’s all they have to protect. What I noticed almost immediately is that he appeared to have hives all over his body! He looked terrible. When I asked the people about this, they said they hadn’t noticed it. Really? How do you not notice something like this? I told them that Blaze needed medical care and that if I was taking him in for that, he would have to go ahead and get neutered. They agreed.

I walked back out to the van to prepare to load Blaze and the woman followed me out to the van. She told me that she “would like to donate a couple of pit bulls to you”. Really? Gee-thanks a lot. Just what Chain of Hope needs-more pit bull “donations”.  I asked her how old they were, where were they, etc. She told me that they were puppies and they were in the basement. I asked her to go get them and show me. She brought out a darling 6 week old pit puppy. She was really skinny as far as seeing her ribs and hip bones, but her tummy was huge. I was sure she was full of parasites. I told the woman that the puppy needed medical attention as well. I asked her about the other one and she replied that “she’s worse than this one”. I told her to go get it, too.

It was really about half dead. Dehydrated, starving, very, very weak. The woman signed the puppies over to Chain of Hope and we headed back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic with Blaze and the 2 puppies.

Blaze turned out to be a total love bug! I love this dog! He’s so sweet and affectionate. He deserves so much more than to be chained to a tree. We neutered him and got him started on some meds for his skin.

The puppies had negative parvo tests, but they had a heavy infestation of hook worms. It was bad and the one little girl is really sick. She is struggling, so think good thoughts for little Ashlyn. Amber, on the other hand, is ready to go! She feels much better.

Ashlyn is receiving a lot of really great care at Kennedy’s Animal Clinic. She’s on fluids periodically and we help her get started eating and then she’ll eat a little on her own.

I took Blaze back home the next day. I got a nice collar on him and a tie-out cable. He is much more comfortable now.  We got the tiny puppies out of there and now we will monitor Blaze to make sure his skin issue clears up, and that they put his dog house back over there. He’s got a lot of room now that he’s on a tie-out and he has an awesome, very shady back yard. I wish we could take them all, but there is no way. We just have to improve things as much as we can.

Thank you for your support so that we can pay our vet bills, put gas in our vans, pay our rent, etc. You guys keep us going! We are assisting a lot of people and their animals thanks to you!


One Response to “Pit Bull Trio”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Glad that Blaze’s living conditions have changed for the better. I sure wonder where the 2 pups came from since Blaze is a male? Usually people pups are there because the dog is a female and had pups. What a strange family of dogs.

    Strangely Chef David who is working on the Denver BSL issue has a Pit Bull name Blaze.

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