Jan and I stopped at a house on 31st street one day last week that we assist. It was our last stop of the day and then we were heading back in. We had just gotten in the van to leave the house we’d been visiting when we saw a white dog walking on the side of 31st street. She was dirty and we could see her ribs and her teats were hanging. She didn’t currently have milk, but you could tell that she had had puppies in the not too distant past.

We pulled over to try and get her, but she trotted across 31st street-a pretty busy street. We drove over to where we’d seen her cross and there she was! We pulled over again and Jan got out with some canned food. The dog was really scared, but really hungry. We spent time on the sidewalk, coaxing and throwing smelly food chunks. She would come and eat a couple of bites and then go to leave again. One time, she went up around the corner and we thought she was taking off and then in a couple of minutes, she was back. We put out some water for her and she drank that. This little girl had had a rough go of things, we could see.

I got back in the van. I think having both of us out there was overwhelming her. Jan was very, very patient with this little girl. I was watching, holding my breath. Finally, I saw Jan petting her and then getting hold of her flea collar that she had on. She put the slip lead on her and walked her over. It had taken her about 30 min. to get this little dog. We got her loaded in the front seat between us. It was really hot that day and she was instantly grooving on the air conditioning. Look at that smile on her face after she was in the van! She was so happy and I swear, knew that she’d just been rescued.

We got her back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic and got her settled in. She had a lot of flea stuff going on on her back end. Her skin looked terrible. She was safe now and we’d get her fixed up.

Freckles is SUCH a sweet, sweet dog. She loves other dogs, she is happy-go-lucky. Her skin is clearing up, she is getting spayed tomorrow since she’s put some weight on now. No more puppies for this little one. We are so happy that Freckles is a Chain of Hope dog! Please spread the word about her. She weighs about 40-45 lbs. , is a pit mix, and is probably about 2 yrs. old.

Freckles is a happy girl now! Thanks for keeping us out there!


2 Responses to “Freckles”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Another great rescue! What a beautiful dog! Have you thought of classifying Freckles as a Dalmatian mix of just mixed breed rather than Pit Bull mix? I argued the point when I adopted Red Dogg because she was a reject from KCK and BSL was impending her at that time. She is officially a Vizsla mix. It makes a big difference when moving or traveling. Also many insurance companies will NOT insure Pit Bulls so there is a difference there too.

  2. Annett Andrallanno Says:

    she is a beautiful girl!!

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