Chain of Hope received a call from one of our friendly FedEx drivers about a tiny little matted dog that she tried forever to get. She finally got her, thank goodness, and this little girl was in very bad shape. Judy and I ran over and met the driver and got this poor little creature. She was a mess.

We got her back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic and we aenestisized her. She had a spay tatoo, no chip and broken teeth. This baby was only about 1 yr. old. She weighed 6 lbs. She had obviously been trying to chew out of a crate or kennel or something. Thank God, whatever happened, she found safety-thanks to Jennifer! Tamara shaved her down. This little girl, who Judy named Mouse, either had big spots of no hair at all or she’d have a terribly huge mat all the way to the skin. She had to have been miserable.

We could see how very, very thin Mouse is after all of the hair came off. We gave her a bath and got her started on her medications she needed. She is very shy, a pretty scared little girl. She would not eat at all the first day or two, but since then she’s discovered she likes chicken! We also have been supplementing her with a high calorie food that we syringe feed her. She is going to be ok, it will just take time.

We have a foster home for Mouse. She needs a lot of TLC and she will be doted on, for sure!

Thank you for your support and keeping us on the streets. We have a lot of great people out there with their eyes open that call us and it often times is the difference between life and death, as with little Mouse. She had been running in the middle of Truman Road and surely would’ve been smashed. Thanks again, Jennifer, for saving her! She will now have a long, happy, healthy life!


One Response to “Mouse”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad that life is turning out better for Mouse. He looks like a Scotty or some type of terrier. This breed requires regular grooming that short hairs don’t need.

    If I just want to follow the comments is there any way to Notify me of follow-up comments via email if I really have nothing to post? It seems I have to post to activate that block.

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