Sebastian Update

Many of you have been waiting for an update on Sebastian. We did not get good news yesterday from the specialist. Sebastian has bone cancer. We are devastated, but so glad we got this boy before he just died on the end of his chain.

He is finally truly happy and is having the best days of his life. We have him on excellent pain control and he really acts a lot better than when we first brought him in. Everyone loves this boy and he loves laying on the cushy dog bed in my office. He loves all the trips people make and treats people bring-all of the tasty Qtrip hot dogs and Mc’Donald’s cheeseburgers!

We have a wonderful person that has come forward to bring Sebastian into her home for hospice care. He is comfortable and happy and we will keep him that way as long as possible. Thank you, Dr. Kennedy and staff, for caring for this incredible boy. He’s touched so many lives already. Thank you for your support.


2 Responses to “Sebastian Update”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Sorry to read the news. Is treatment possible or is that beyond your budget? I am glad to hear that Sebastian will be comfortable and well cared for in his last days.

  2. Paige Says:

    Devastating news… thank you COH, Dr. Kennedy, & hospice foster mom for showing Sebastian true compassion and unconditional love for the rest of his days.

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