Sebastian has quite a story. He is a sweet soul that Chain of Hope has known for quite some time. He used to be called Baby Boy and I took him in and had him neutered when he was just about 5  mo. old, living outside 24/7 on a chain. There was another dog there as well named Bear and he was always a little standoffish. Bear belonged to an older lady and Baby Boy belonged to her grandson, who was grown.  We were helping  these people and their dogs and then they moved. We were scared we’d lost track of them, but they called and gave us their new address, thank goodness.

Baby Boy’s care would ebb and flow. Bear was better cared for. Sometimes, Baby Boy looked skinny and was not doing that great, then we’d get onto the people about it and they would start doing better.  Ultimately, we were concerned about Baby Boy because he just wasn’t gaining weight in a consistent manner. The people swore they were feeding him and we were dropping food off, so we  de-wormed him again. He began to pick up some weight and then both dogs were doing pretty well.

We continued to stop by or the people would call for food. They always wanted canned food for Baby Boy-they said that he ate that much better than the dry, so we always left canned food for him.  We would hang fly traps, put ear gel on the dogs, etc. I stopped by last week and went to the backyard to see Baby Boy. It’d been about 2-3 weeks since we’d been there. He usually was right up front by his house, excited to see us. I went back there and I didn’t see him. I looked over and he was standing back in the trees, holding his back leg up. He was not tangled or anything-he was just standing back in the trees. He looked really thin and his coat looked terrible. I could not believe how fast this dog had gone down hill. I went around front and knocked on the door and the owner came out. I guess this was the grandson and he “was gone a lot”. I asked him about Baby Boy’s leg and he said it’d been that way for about a week. He said he wasn’t eating, blah, blah, blah. I asked him why he hadn’t called Chain of Hope and he just mumbled something. Then he said,” I think I just want you guys to take him. I can’t take care of him.” Well, that was quite obvious! I had him sign him over and we took Baby Boy around front. He stopped where Bear was and they said good-bye to each other.  It was a sweet moment, but sad.

We loaded him up and I took him to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic. He was in pretty bad shape. He’s a very large-boned, tall dog but he was super thin.  His coat was very dull and he had very thin hair in places. We had kept Advantage on the dogs all summer, but he obviously had something else going on. We heart-worm tested him and unbelievably, he was heart worm negative. How rare for us! Especially when this boy had been outside his entire life. Thank goodness he didn’t have to face that obstacle, too.

We gave Baby Boy a mild sedative and x-rayed his back leg at a couple of different views and also his lungs. There is something suspicious on the x-ray, but we’re not sure what’s going on. Dr. Kennedy is consulting with a specialist. After a week of a strong antibiotic and pain meds, he is still reluctant to put much weight on it. It could be an infection or it could be bone cancer. We are praying that it’s not so. That is why we x-rayed his lungs-to see if it’s cancer and had metastasized to the lungs, but his lungs looked good.

We changed Baby Boy’s name to Sebastian. These dogs always have to lose their old name, along with their old life. We gave Sebastian a bath-he was so filthy! After his bath, I took him outside and he acted like a puppy! He just rolled and rolled in the grass, down the hill, etc. He was having a ball in the sun and the grass. His pain meds had kicked in, he was clean and he was  feeling much better! He was so puppy-like!

Sebastian is finally happy! He is laying on a big dog bed here in my office as I type this. (Thank you to all of you that donate these wonderful beds, crates, toys, etc.) We don’t know what we’re facing with this big boy, but I know that we will be right there beside him, no matter what it is. Send some good mojo, say some prayers, send positive thoughts and good vibes Sebastian’s way. Thank you for supporting us so that we can take care of Sebastian’s vet work and try to save this boy! We couldn’t do this without you.


2 Responses to “Sebastian”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Have you heard back what is wrong with Sebastian’s leg? I would suspect a strain or pulled muscle which is not so obvious. It really says something for an owner to admit that they are unable to care for the dog and to give him up. That is best for all in the long run!

  2. Maria Kaplan Says:

    Please provide an update on this boy. Thank you!

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