Dog Beat With 2 x 4

A couple of outreach volunteers were out in the mid-town area last week.  While they were assisting another animal, they heard a dog yelping, crying, and screaming. They said it sounded terrible, but they didn’t know where it was coming from. They ran and got in the van and started driving with their windows down, listening. They went over a block to the next street and thought they had it located behind a house. They pulled the van over and a man was standing in his front yard (not where they thought the screaming had come from) and so they asked him, “did you hear a dog crying?” and he said, “yeah, I heard a dog crying-it was my dog. I just f’d her up.” The guy was upset and said that the dog had bitten his daughter and him. The girls were shocked. They asked him if they could see the dog, if they could have the dog, etc. and he told them that they could come back tomorrow, “but I’m not f’ing with it today”. The girls didn’t see the dog anywhere, so they left and called me. I told them to go on, that I would get hold of animal control. We couldn’t wait until the next day to get the dog, it could be injured very badly. It was under the deck in the front of the house.

A supervisor got back to me quickly and I told him what had happened. He said they’d send someone right over.  They ended up having to call the police and one of the officers pulled a board out from under the deck that had blood all over half of it. That was what this guy had used to beat this 8 mo. old lab mix puppy. What an ass.

Animal control did a good job with this situation. They wrote him 5 tickets, one of which was for the beating of the dog. They removed the dog and took the board as evidence. I was thankful that animal control took this seriously, responded quickly and handled it well. They took the dog to the shelter and the next day Judy and I went to the shelter to check on her. While we were there, a couple of supervisors were there as well to check on this little girl. She really was not in bad shape. They had said that she had had blood all over her, but to look at her, there were no gashes or wounds on her. There were some small lacerations around her right eye. We thought her back tooth was cracked at first, but thankfully it wasn’t. She had some blood in her mouth and she had obviously been hit in the head and face. She was sweet, scared and a little overwhelmed at the shelter. Chain of Hope pulled her out of the shelter last week. What a sweetheart! She is an absolute doll. We named her Licorce. She is a blk lab mix, about 8 mo. old. I was impressed that the shelter had her on pain meds, which was a blessing because she had to have hurt-especially the first couple of days.

We brought her into Kennedy’s Animal Clinic to get her checked out. She is heart worm negative and seems to be ok. Her spirit does not appear to be broken. Hopefully, she will put all of that out of her mind. It’s a new life, little Licorce!

Licorce could not be any sweeter. She loves to play with other dogs. She’s a wonderful little girl. The guy admitted to animal control that the dog did not bite anyone-she had jumped on his kid or something. Now there’s a reason to beat the crap out of an animal-what a jerk.

Licorce has now broken with kennel cough. She is still doing great, though, and is a very happy girl! She needs to put some weight on and get spayed, but she is awesome! Thank you for your support that keeps us on the streets every single day finding situations like Licorce’s. Now she has a chance at a happy, comfortable life.


6 Responses to “Dog Beat With 2 x 4”

  1. Paige Says:

    Thank goodness the COH outreach van happened to be in the neighborhood at the time of the beating… lord only knows how long this sweet baby girl could have laid there and suffered. Glad to hear Animal Control actually did their job this time too.
    That stupid a-hole should have been arrested and thrown in jail. Hope his kids don’t experience the same sort of “discipline” …

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    That jerk sounds proud of what he did. Most people would have said that they hard nothing but he admitted to what he had done. Animal abusers should receive the same punishment that the abuse they issued to the animal.

  3. Maria Kaplan Says:

    Thank you all for responding so quickly. It’s your unrelenting attitude that have saved hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent lives. God bless. Sending another donation your way.

  4. Penny Bailey Says:

    What is this world coming to? That was horrible. I thank God every day for the ladies at Chain of Hope.

  5. Annett Andrallanno Says:

    you guys are the best…how you maintain your since of calm in these situations is beyond me…..amen to an eye for an eye

  6. jeanne Says:

    You are such an amazing group! THANK YOU!

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