Chain of Hope began helping a family in Northeast because animal control gave them our number to receive assistance. They had too many animals in various conditions. I don’t know all the details, but I believe animal control took some of the animals and left this family with 3 dogs. We went over and met the woman, who was receptive. One of their dogs named Princess had a terrible skin condition. We made arrangements to get all of the animals into the vet for spay/neuter and check-ups.  Princess was an adorable little rat terrier/chihuahua mix and she was missing a lot of hair, scratching a lot, etc.

I picked up all of the  animals one morning and brought them all in.  Princess had mange and began her treatment for that. The woman gave her her medication, gave her her medicated baths and Princess started looking a little better. We assisted by dropping food once in awhile and checking in to keep our eye on the situation.

After a while, Princess started looking bad again, so I brought her into the vet again. This time, she still had mange, but she also had yeast. She began another round of medications. This little girl could just not get completely well. She got better, though, and some of her hair was growing back. Through all of this, she had the best spirit. She LOVES to slide down the hill in her front yard on her belly! It must feel really good to her-she’ll do it over and over again. She’s just a joy to have around-she makes you smile!

One day we stopped by and the woman brought Princess out of the house. She looked bad again. Her skin was red and irritated and she was missing hair again. The woman told us that she just couldn’t deal with Princess and her skin issues anymore and asked us to take her. Of course, we said yes!

We got Princess back into the vet and this time, we ran some blood work, etc. and discovered that Princess has a low thyroid, too. This poor kid was having trouble getting over anything because her thyroid was messed up. We started her on her thyroid medication, started treating her skin again and this time, everything cleared up beautifully! Thanks, Dr. Kennedy!

Princess was recently adopted into her forever home. They love her and she has a Schnauzer sister to hang out with. She looks wonderful, feels great and finally has the forever home she deserved all along.

Thanks for supporting Chain of Hope so that we can pay these vet bills on these special kids!


One Response to “Princess”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    It is wonderful to see a rescued dog find a forever family! Thank you COH

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