I received a call while on outreach from a utility worker. She said that a small, matted dog had gotten under her truck. It was a very, very hot day-of course.  She said it took her quite awhile to get this poor little thing out from under her truck. When she got him out, he was very weak and could not even drink water. She really didn’t know what to do, but she called someone that had my cell # and she got hold of me. When I called her back, she said that she had worried so much about him being in her hot truck so she had dropped him off at a business near by. They got him to finally drink some water and then he started perking up. Sounded like he was having heat stroke or something. His fur was matted all the way to the skin. He was just a tiny little Shih Tzu, absolutely filthy and matted.

Thank God for this woman that cared enough to take the time to help this little boy. He probably wouldn’t have made it without her. It was so very hot. He certainly looked like he’d been out running for a little bit-he was so dirty and matted. She met up with me later to see him and give Chain of Hope a donation towards his care. What a great person!

We got Calvin back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic. They put him under and Tamara shaved him to the skin. His mats were so bad, there was nothing else we could do. The fur that came off of him in one piece totally made an entire other dog, there was so much of it!

We got this little one all cleaned up, neutered, vaccinated, and de-wormed. We then transferred him to Furry Kids Refuge-a wonderful rescue group that has helped Chain of Hope tremendously. They took him to their adoption event a day or two later and he was adopted by a wonderful family with two other little dogs. He is such a happy little guy and his new family loves him very much!

Thank God for all of the postal workers, utility workers, delivery drivers, bus drivers and others that keep their eyes open for neglect and cruelty and call Chain of Hope. Each of you is a Godsend to animals-thank you! You often are the difference between life and death for that animal. Keep it up!

Chain of Hope has a very deep appreciation to you, our supporters-it is difficult work, but we thank you for keeping us out there.


6 Responses to “Calvin”

  1. melissasalazar Says:

    Calvin is quite the looker. What a handsome little man! He looks pretty happy to have all that hair off. Glad he found a forever home. Angels on the streets! 😀

  2. Nora G Says:

    Another great story! What a lucky and cute liitle guy!

  3. Maria Kaplan Says:

    What an incredible story! Made my day. Thank GOD for that worker; may she receive many blessings in return. And to COH as well. Thank you.

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    Calvin was so badly matted that his fur looks like the way they used to shear sheep–all as one piece. Thanks COH for helping these poor creatures!

  5. Carla Says:

    Calvin was just the sweetest little guy and the family that adopted him were so wonderful with him. His new dad held him in his arms for over 2 hours while they visited with him & filled out the paperwork to adopt him. Calvin slept soundly in his arms like he was meant to be there forever.

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