Gracie-Quiet As a Mouse

Chain of Hope received a call from a  concerned neighbor regarding 2 dogs that were left at a house. They had belonged to an old man that had to go into the hospital. He most likely was not coming back, the house was a mess and two dogs were left over there. We went over that day to check it out. The front porch had hundreds of empty green canned dog food cans covering the porch. Back in the midst of all of that, we heard a cat meowing. We could barely see it in all of the trash, but we opened up some canned cat food and put it back there for it.

We went around back and there was a large, black lab/shep mix on a big chain. He was very aggressive acting. He had a dog house and a bucket, but we couldn’t see what was in there. We had to really have someone distract him so we could get some food and water down for him. We sprayed him from afar with fly spray. That was about all we could do at that time-make sure he was fed and watered until we could figure out what was going on. Sometimes, we get these calls and someone else is coming over to take care of the animals and other people don’t know it. We decided to come over and feed and water him every day and see if we could talk to a neighbor, postal carrier-someone. We saw no sign of any other dogs. We pounded on the door, which was locked. We did not hear anything inside the house at all.

  The third day that I went over to feed, I was in the back yard with the lab and I kept hearing a dog crying and whining. I walked around the house and looked up, and there I saw Gracie in the third story window! She had not made a peep for 3 days and we had no idea she was in there! The caller had said two dogs, but we had pounded and pounded and she had never made a sound. I think now she was getting hungry. I told her to hang on and we’d get her some help. I called animal control. Usually, they will post the house with a notice and if someone doesn’t contact them within 24 hrs. (proving care for the animal), they should impound them.

I ran by a couple of days later and the dogs were gone. When Judy and I went to animal control, looking for another dog we had called in, I saw Gracie in the shelter! I told Judy that was the dog from the house where the old man went into the hospital! She was such a sweetheart! She’s an older Beagle mix, probably about 10 yrs. old. We did not see the black lab, but I’m sure he did not make it out of there. He totally would’ve bitten us had he not been on that chain. Poor fella. We have never seen the cat again, either.

Because we are so full and so busy, we decided to keep tabs on her and see if she got adopted. When we followed up a few days later, she was still there and Chain of Hope decided to pull her out of the shelter. She deserved a happy life, as they all do.

 We brought Gracie back to Chain of Hope yesterday and she had a big surgery. She was spayed, 2 large mammary tumors were removed, and 15 teeth were pulled! Poor Gracie. She is sleeping on a dog bed in my office as I write this. She’s been through so much and we would love to see her get into a wonderful foster home where she can recover.

Thank you for supporting us so that we can rescue the Gracies out there.


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