Sarge-Sad and Blue No More!

Poor Blue. We have been visiting Blue and his friend in the same back yard for a couple of yrs. now at least. The other dog that is chained up is pretty aggressive, so we just do what we can-like spray him from afar with our fly spray on jet stream! He doesn’t like it, but it helps! An elderly man owned these two dogs and when we first met them all, he was doing a pretty good job. He was a very nice, very polite, and very appreciative man. We would take hay there in the winter and hang fly traps and put on ear gel in the summer. It was always sad because the one dog was just so aggressive, it just stressed him out when we were there. But Blue just craved attention and affection. He was a real sweetie.

We have a fabulous volunteer team that takes care of south KC just about every Sunday. It started out with Denise and her son, Kyle, going out every Sunday. They had their regular stops and found some more bad stuff along the way. Denise and Kyle really knew these dogs the best. Denise was even able to get ear gel on the aggressive one (sorry-can’t remember his name!) once in awhile.

After a time, the older man moved out of that house and his children or grandchildren or a group of both moved in. The dogs stayed in the backyard and the old man would come over and care for them. Well, of course, this gentleman was getting older and more frail and it got to where he couldn’t make it over to the dogs everday. Some of the responsibility was falling to the grown kids and the grand children however, nobody was really stepping up.

The reports I started getting back from Denise and Kyle’s outreach days were not good about this address. These dogs were slipping through the cracks. Things like having dirty water or no water at all, when we never used to find it like that. The dogs were getting thinner, etc. I went over during the next week. When I went to put ear gel on Blue’s left ear, he cried. I could feel that it was different and when I looked I could see that he had a hematoma, which basically is a blood blister. His ear was starting to swell with blood, but it wasn’t horrible yet. I left a note since no one was home regarding Blue’s ear and I left the mobile vet’s phone number and urged them to call him.

The people did call the mobile vet. I’m not sure what was done-the people didn’t seem to know much. I know he put Blue on some meds. Regardless, when I went back over a week later, Blue’s ear looked terrible.  I explained to the grandpa that I needed to get Blue to the vet. He hestitated because he had no more money. What he had, he had already spent on the first vet. I told him that Chain of Hope would help him, so he agreed and we loaded him up. Thank you for your support and donations so that we can still help a dog like Blue, whose owner had no more money. It doesn’t change the fact that the dog needs help, so thank you for supporting us!

We got Blue over to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic and the first thing we did was put him in the bath tub! We took his nasty collar off.  This poor boy was filthy dirty. He had fleas. His ear hurt. He was a mess. But….he had gotten to the right place-Chain of Hope! He was a little scared, but such a sweetie.

After getting him cleaned up, he went to the surgery room to repair his ear and draw blood for a HW test. He was heart worm positive, of course, having been chained his whole life. Blue had some nasty sores on his elbows. They look like pressure sores, but he lived on a pretty long chain and laid on the dirt. Not sure what had happened, but they looked sore. Blue had lost a lot of weight. He was clearly  in need of our help. We called and talked to the owner and he decided to sign Blue over to Chain of Hope, thank God! He could not take on the medical issues, of course. We always change the animal’s name when they come to Chain of Hope. They have to lose their old life. Blue’s name is Sergeant, or Sarge. He is such a joy! He is so happy and feeling better everyday. He likes to go out and play with Taylor, another recent rescue. It’s a beautiful thing to watch these dogs heal and blossom.

Thank you, Denise and Kyle and now Julie for all of your dedicated work in south KC. You have saved many animals and we are grateful. Thank you for caring for Sarge and his friend all this time. We will stay involved at this location and keep our eye on this other dog that is still there. I know that Sarge is grateful, is happy now and can move onto a very happy life. Thanks for keeping us out there.


One Response to “Sarge-Sad and Blue No More!”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad that things turned out well for Sarge. His sores looked infected. How long does it a dog to learn a new name? Seems to me it would be confusing. I was never addressed by my first name therefore if anyone calls me by my first name, I don’t recognize it as my name and ignore them.

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