Farewell Red

You all remember Red, a little Red Heeler that came to us last May. Her entire story can be found here:


Red was diagnosed with cancer and we decided that her back leg needed to be amputated. Red had had such a difficult life, we wanted to give her as many happy times as possible. Dr. O’Donnell works at Kennedy’s Animal Clinic and that is how she met Red. After Red was diagnosed and went through her amputation, we were trying to find Red a hospice home to live out her happy days until the cancer became too much.  Dr. O’Donnell’s parents, Tom and Kathy, stepped forward and offered their home to Red to live out the rest of her life. They were a Godsend to Red and they truly loved this girl.

Kathy brought Red in last week and her front legs were very, very bad. The deformity was getting severe, Kathy said Red didn’t like to walk around much and she didn’t want anyone touching her front feet at all. Red was getting to the end. She had been on pain meds, but Dr. Kennedy put her on something stronger to help her through her last days. Kathy took Red back home and they said they’d like to have one more week with her and that they would most likely bring her in for euthanasia the following week. They brought her yesterday and we ended her suffering on July 19, 2012. They had taken Red home on June 1, 2012. Red had the best 7 weeks of her life with Tom and Kathy.

Unfortunately, the front leg that was the worst was on the same side that the back leg was amputated from. It was just too painful to walk anymore. Red went peacefully, with the people that she loved the most right there with her.

Red taught me a lot of things these past few months that I’ve had the privilege of knowing her and loving her. She was a resilient little girl with a great attitude about life, after all she’d been through. She just kept living life, despite her obstacles. She always wanted to be with Tom or Kathy. As long as she was near one of them, she was fine. I know they have a big hole in their heart with Red gone. There is a void there that will take a while to go away. Thank you, Tom and Kathy, for stepping forward. Thank you Dr. O’Donnell and Dr. Kennedy for taking such good care of Red and giving her so many more happy days to feel love and to give her love. We will never forget you, Red.

Thank you for keeping us out there. Red didn’t die alone in a backyard, she was loved by so many people!


3 Responses to “Farewell Red”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Red, RIP. I am glad that she was happy the last few weeks of her life thanks to COH.

  2. Penny Francis Says:

    once again, guys & gals, you raised the roof on what could have been an awful ending……..what a beautiful companion she is, bless each of you and yours.

  3. Pam Says:

    Bye beautiful girl, run and play at the Rainbow Bridge now and enjoy no more pain days!!

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