We found this beautiful girl chained up in a backyard with no food and NO WATER on a very hot day. She had teats hanging, but no puppies in sight. She was very thin and her skin had many sores. We pulled over and a man came walking from across the street. This was his dog. We began a conversation, only to find out that she had had 5 puppies, 2 of them had died and the other 3 were supposingly in the house, about 3 weeks old now the guy said.  We mostly questioned him a lot trying to figure out the situation. He said that he brought momma in several times a day to nurse the puppies. We kept on him that she needed to be inside in the AC with her puppies. He insisted that she “wasn’t a good house dog”, “wasn’t a good mother to the puppies”, etc. I told him that maybe she could be if he would just let her be with them. He claimed that he was keeping the 3 puppies and then he told us that he would “like to donate the momma to you”. Well-thank you so much, how nice of you. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about this little momma. We could tell she’d had a difficult life.

We were not ready to take this dog right there and then. We fed and watered her and told the guy we’d be back. We went back a couple of days later, only to find this girl on her chain with no food and NO WATER again on a very hot day. The guy came from across the street and asked us if we were taking her that day. I asked him when the last time she had nursed the puppies was and he said , ” a week ago’. I said, “I thought you told me two days ago that you took her in the house every few hours to nurse them”. Basically, if this guy’s lips were moving, he was lying! This part of outreach gets so frustrating.

I told him that I would not remove a nursing mother until I saw the puppies. He had apparently given one to someone the night before when we had asked him for them and he wouldn’t give any of them to us-said he was keeping them all. I told him to go get the puppies. He came out with one little puppy and it was a chunk! He claimed they were only 3 weeks old and were eating hard food. He’s an idiot. They were older than that, I could see that they were perfectly capable of eating on their own. I told him that we would go ahead and take momma, who we decided to call Taylor. She was in rough shape and desperately needed to get out of there. We loaded her up and headed back to the vet clinic. Of course,  we had to stop at McDonald’s and buy Taylor a cheeseburger. Boy, did she enjoy that!

Taylor was crawling with hundreds and hundreds of fleas. We got her back and got her in the bath tub for a good scrubbing. She had so many scabs and sores on her. Poor thing, she was just starving and so thirsty. Now that she was a Chain of Hope dog, she was going to be just fine. She is putting weight on every day and her milk is drying up. She is feeling better everyday and is so grateful for everything! Taylor needs a foster home or an adoptive home, so spread the word! Look how great she is doing!

Thank you for keeping us out there. There are many Taylors out there just waiting to be found. That is why we are out every single day helping the neglected animals in the inner city. Our supporters are the best! We are only out there because financially you keep sending us out. Thank you. Please continue to send prayers, good thoughts and some good mojo to Chain of Hope. We are out in the heat-thanks for putting us there!!! These animals need us desperately.


8 Responses to “Taylor”

  1. Natasha Says:

    You guys are amazing!

  2. Angela Says:

    Oh, she is so beautiful! What a sweet face. Poor little thing should never have to suffer again. I’m sure the cheeseburger was like heaven to her!

  3. linda langdon Says:

    I love your no bullshit ways. excellent job! You are the real deal out in the trenches saving lives. Now you’ll have to go back for the pup before long. You will find it at the end of a chain, that you already know.

  4. Jannine Rodina-Carignan Says:

    Thanks for getting her the heck out of there! I know you will be back when that pup is big and not so “good” in the house! Sending a donation to help. Jannine

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    The aforementioned individual is either an idiot, moron, or all three as well as a liar! What I really don’t understand is why Taylor was across the street and not on this Jerks property? It won’t be long before the puppy “isn’t a good house dog.”

  6. Jennifer Miller Says:

    great! so he’as keeping the puppies so they can get big and have more puppies and then he can neglect the mommas like the other one! man i hate people! good job for getting the momma outta there! poor thing!!

  7. Emily Says:

    Way to go, guys! You are my heroes!

  8. Pam Says:

    Love you guys for all you do!!! She is a lucky girl that you found her in time, poor baby but now she will not know that life any longer!! Hope she finds a great home soon!

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