Dog Found Dead on His Chain-We Must Continue Our Work!

I always say that I could do 10 blogs a day from all of the work that we do.  Chain of Hope is faced with a high volume of work on a daily basis. We average 25- 30 calls a day. The economy is in the tank and people are really struggling. You know who is the first one to suffer when a person or family is having much difficulty-the dog out back on the chain. We constantly run into dogs that are fed every other day or every few days, have absolutely no water and no shade on a 100 degree day. We have bloody ears all day long from the flies eating at them. Our work is vital, crucial, and life-saving. Chain of Hope is extremely important and necessary to the animals in the inner city of KCMO. Many more animals would die out there without Chain of Hope being involved in the urban core.

Chain of Hope helps so many animals, our average medical expenses are $3000 a month. We have broken bones, mange, heart worms, starvation, parvo, amputations, and sadly, euthanasia at times. We have spayed and neutered hundreds of animals that live in the hood and reproduced constantly. It all has to be paid for. Chain of Hope will not be able to continue our work at this level without further financial support. I know that everyone in the community wants us out there, but truth be told-we can’t continue to be there without more donations coming in.  We use a lot of gas, we feed a lot of animals and we pay for a lot of medical procedures. The animals that we serve and rescue usually are in the worst shape and have many medical issues to resolve. It all takes money. I just want everyone to know where we’re at. We either need to increase donations or scale back on the numbers of animals that we are helping and saving, which is so difficult to do when so many people are calling and so many animals need help.

We found this when we were on outreach Sunday:

This poor dog, named Oreo, died on the end of his chain. No one was home, the proper authorities were called and it is in their hands to investigate. This is just one of the many horrors our outreach team experiences day in and day out. Take a look and imagine what it would be like if Chain of Hope wasn’t out there:

Chain of Hope is truly in the trenches on a daily basis. We are the only group in town handling the volume of calls that we handle and that have an outreach team out every single day, often times we have 2 teams out. We need to be able to continue this important work. Please share our website, our stories, our vital work and our blogs. The best thing you can do for the inner city animals is to share our information and our work and bring in new donors for us, so we can keep doing our critical work.  You can donate at: We have a garage sale coming up and need items for that. The details are on our facebook page.  You can donate directly to our medical fund at Kennedy’s Animal Clinic, 816-358-0991. Hold a fundraiser for Chain of Hope! No matter how big or how small-it is appreciated! Please help us stay out there for the animals. They need us desperately!


3 Responses to “Dog Found Dead on His Chain-We Must Continue Our Work!”

  1. Joe Mick Says:

    I urge anyone that follows COH and is not part of the monthly donation program with PayPal to step up now. That dog died on the chain on a miserable hot day in Kansas City only wondering what he did wrong to deserve this. The reality, no mater what, that dog only knew how to love and give affection back. WE all need Kate and COH and it’s time to step up Kansas City!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    I hope the dead dog was reported as animal abuse. I would like to leave the “owner” tied outside on a chain on a hot or freezing day!

  3. Maria Kaplan Says:

    How incredibly sad. No animal deserves such horrible conditions and complete and utter neglect. I want to punch something! It will have be the keyboard to my computer as I make another donation to Chain of Hope. God bless you all so very, very much.

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