Ebony and Teena

We spotted beautiful Ebony one day in her back yard on a chain. She looked like she’d had some puppies not too terribly long ago. We knocked on the door and met Sylvester. He was a very nice man and took us around to the back to meet Ebony and her last two puppies that they’d kept. Ebony is a big Rottweiler, sweet as honey. In a nasty pen were her last two puppies. Sylvester told me that they had someone wanting the female and that he was going to keep the male. We asked him if he would please let us spay and neuter and vaccinate them before he let them go. He agreed. Sylvester was always very agreeable with everything we were offering him. He listened and asked questions and we began to educate him.

The pen had quite a bit of dog poop in it. They did have water. We told him that he needed to clean out the pen. He said he would. We left him a big hunk of hay and told him to rake out the pen and put the hay down. We asked him if we could get Ebony spayed for him and he was very happy and appreciative. We told him that we would bring Ebony a new dog house once she was spayed.

We took Ebony and her pups in for spay/neuter and vaccinations the next week. Sylvester did as he said and he would not let the family take the little girl until she was spayed. I took them all back home the next day from their surgeries. I told Sylvester that many times, people say they want one of the puppies, and then they never follow through and the owner gets “stuck” with another puppy. I told him that if that happened, Chain of Hope would take the puppy. I told him not to give it away to someone else-call us!

Denise would go here the most, almost every Sunday. I would go by during the week sometimes. Turns out that the people never did take the female puppy, so when we went back, there were the two puppies in the pen. We kept telling Sylvester that he didn’t need 3 dogs there. We told him that if he kept them both, we would not be able to bring him food, fly products, etc. ever again. He actually ended up signing over the male puppy. They had decided to keep the female puppy, which was now in the pen by herself. I told Sylvester that he needed to get her out of that pen (which really wasn’t very big) and put her on a tie-out in the yard over by her momma.

The next time we went over there, we were so happy! Sylvester had made a home-made trolley for Teena, the puppy, using a bicycle tire! It really was ingenious and cheap and now Teena can run back and forth across the yard. We praised the heck out of Sylvester for his problem-solving. Teena and his momma were closer together now, but he was careful about not letting them get tangled.

Since she was now spayed, we took Ebony a new dog house.

Thanks to the several donations of swimming pools, we were able to take Ebony and Teena one the other day and Sylvester started filling it right up. They had to check it out for awhile, but he was sure they’d get in there. We have several rotties with pools-they seem to like the water.

Everytime we go to Sylvester’s house, the dogs have food and water. Their ears have never been bleeding-he puts the ear gel on them that we leave him faithfully. We can’t possibly remove every dog that we wish could be in a better situation. However, our hard work and frequent stops over here have paid off for these 2 dogs. We improved things immensely at this house.

I say it all the time-the power of education is a beautiful thing! Thanks for keeping us out there to make such a difference in so many animals’ lives.


3 Responses to “Ebony and Teena”

  1. Amy Says:

    Beautiful dogs! Thank you for making a difference in their lives!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    It is wonderful to hear about a caring, understanding owner who actually cares for his dogs. Inside would be better. Thanks for helping the 3 of them!

  3. Oleha Verlander Says:

    wow, a beautiful story, so much better than many many other stories that we read in the blogs. thank you so much for everything you do..COURAGE and DETERMINATION ❤ ❤

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