We found China by going down a street in mid-town. We saw this precious girl chained up, with no shelter, beside a vacant house. We discovered that the owner lived next door. Why on earth she chained China up next door is beyond me. China was about 6 mo. old and was not spayed. The lady needed a dog house for her, etc. Yes, it’s true that she shouldn’t even have a dog, but she was going to have one regardless. Mostly to bark and let her know when someone is around.

We told the woman that first things first, we had to get China spayed. She was just about to come into her first heat cycle and we sure didn’t want her getting pregnant! The woman agreed, so we made arrangements and we picked China up one morning and brought her in  to get spayed and vaccinated.

Isn’t China a beautiful girl? She now has a new dog house and tie-out cable. We are monitoring her very closely. This owner needs to step up. I’ve found her with no water, etc. We will continue working on this situation. You know we won’t forget about this sweet girl. At least she won’t be laying out there in this heat giving birth to a bunch of puppies in the yard and trying to care for them.

Thank you for your support. It is only because you continue to support us and keep us going  that we are able to continue to find the Chinas out there!


One Response to “China”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad you nipped this one in the bud before puppies. Great work! Hopefully the owner will provide fresh water. It is cruel to keep a dog tied outside. If people want protection or an alarm, why don’t they keep the dog inside where he/she can handle an intruder?

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