Saving Foxy

I have been involved with this house in northeast for years. When I first came across this mess, there was a brown pit bull chained up with a really crappy dog house and a Malamute. The people were pretty poor and these dogs needed help. The Malamute, named Snow, was older and had been out there for a long time. He didn’t trust us at first, but he learned to like us and would get really excited when we’d pull up. We took the pit in and neutered him, gave him a better dog house and basically just became supportive and took food, hay, fly traps-whatever they needed. We didn’t have to stop often, but we would drop them food and treats and visit the dogs. One day we went there and Brownie, the pit, wasn’t there. The people told me that he had gotten loose and supposingly snapped at or bit someone. Anyone, he ended up going to animal control, the people didn’t/couldn’t get him out and he was put down.

Then it became  years of taking care of Snow and taking animals from these people. They would find animals, people would give them animals and they would chain them up to the clothesline. They would always eventually give them to us and we would find them homes. The woman, Starla, I found out had cancer. She was in pretty poor health, in and out of the hospital and was trying to hang on. She lived on a very chaotic street in a very chaotic house. She had 2 young teen boys. Her husband’s relatives lived next door for awhile and across the street. These people were always drunk, high-whatever. There was always a bunch of guys just hanging around drinking and doing drugs. I’ve seen the police on this street more than any other street, I think. We’ve had to call the police ourselves over here before.

One day, I went by and Starla told me that they had new puppy. She told me that someone was giving them away or something and they got one for the kids. She was terminal, but still fighting. She said she wanted the kids to have this dog when she passed. I asked her to show it to me. It was inside the house and it was only about 7 weeks old. They brought out little Foxy and she had the most beautiful crystal blue eyes! She was gorgeous! Starla asked me if I would help her get her vaccinated and spayed when she was older and I told her that we’d help her.

I went by one day and found Foxy chained over in the next yard and she  was so tangled. She had no food, no water.

I went to the door and got the teenage kid out there. Starla was at the hospital for the day having more tests done. I was livid. I made him get his mom on the phone and I told her how I found Foxy. She told the kid to get her in the house. I told him he had to untangle all of the tie-out stuff. He said, “can I get a new tie-out?” and I told him no-he needed to untangle all of that and clean up all the stuff laying around. I was very upset.  He took her in the house and I told Starla that I would be by in a couple of weeks to get her for her spay. She said fine. I told both of them that if I ever found Foxy like that again, I was calling animal control.

Starla’s husband was not very supportive of her during all of her health crisis. He really isn’t a very nice man. After a couple of  months, I went by to pick up Foxy to get her spayed. I didn’t know that Starla was back in the hospital again. I pounded on the door and pounded on the door and finally, her husband just yelled at me through the window wanting to know what I wanted. I told him that I was there to get Foxy spayed and he yelled back at me that he didn’t want her spayed. I said, “well, I have it all worked out with Starla” and he yelled back at me that he wanted a litter out of her and that I couldn’t take her. I was devastated. There was absolutely nothing I could do. I just cut them off-no food, no assistance whatsoever. It sucked to have to do that, but we won’t enable people to add more puppies to the world.

We stayed away for months, but of course, always thought about that poor dog. They ended up putting up a fence (that’s not cheap!) and chaining her up inside the fenced back yard. I finally decided to stop one day and check on her. Foxy was chained up in the backyard. She was very, very thin. She had no water. Her deflated teats were hanging. I went and got Starla and of course, Foxy had had puppies. It was a very sad situation. They had given them away-3 of them to the loser uncle across the street. I believe all of those have since died. It was really such a sad, depressing situation. I knew we had to get Foxy out of there. I also knew that Starla was dying and I thought I could appeal to her to sign Foxy over to me and get her out of there before she passed.

We headed back over there this last Sunday. The girls went around to check on Snow, the Malamute, and Foxy. I went to the door and asked for Starla. She came to the door, looking very frail. The teenager was there with her and I asked him to let me talk to his mom in private on the front porch. We sat on her porch on her chairs and I talked to her about Foxy. She started crying. She said she knew she had to get her out of there, but she wasn’t prepared to do that right then that day. I told her I wasn’t asking her to do it right then, but very soon before something happened to Starla and Foxy was left to the kids and the husband, who didn’t care about her at all.

About that time, Wendy and Erica came around front and said “look at her water!”. They showed me the bucket and there was a dead bird floating in there. It was absolutely disgusting.

Starla’s husband was difficult about everything. This woman is under so much stress! I asked her for her personal cell # and she went in the house to write it down for me. She agreed that she would call someday when her husband wasn’t around. She said that Foxy was the kids’ dog and I told her that no one was doing a damn thing for this girl. She went in the house and was in there for a few minutes. When she came out, she looked at me and said “take her”. She told me that she had gone in there and told her husband that Foxy was going to die if she didn’t give her to me and he said he didn’t care what she did with her.

I yelled at Wendy and Erica to load her up, had Starla sign a relinquishment form and Chain of Hope gave Foxy a new leash on life!

First, Foxy rode around with us in the front of the van while we did some more outreach. She loved sitting in the middle, taking in the AC! When we got back to Chain of Hope, she went to the bath tub. Boy, that girl was filthy! We got her vaccinated, de-wormed, bathed and fed. She needs to put some weight on before we spay her, but it won’t take her long to put it on. We’d been trying to get this girl for such a long time, but we finally got her!

Starla told me that she had a new kitten in the house. She said that her home health nurse had found it and brought it to her. She asked me if I could get him neutered and vaccinated in a few weeks and I told her I would. She cried a lot and said that the kitten was her comfort-it hardly left her lap. Please keep Starla in your prayers. She is facing some extremely hard challenges right now with very little support.

Foxy is so happy! Her foster family came and picked her up today! She will have a fabulous life!

Thanks for keeping us out there. We are tenacious and work extremely hard for the animals, especially in this heat. Thank you for your donations, prayers and good vibes for us! Keep them coming for the animals!


2 Responses to “Saving Foxy”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    A lot of work to reach a good ending! I can’t believe how evil some people are!

  2. Captain Says:

    Fantastic work! It’s appalling that people like this are allowed to have animals. The OWNERS should have been put down. Really glad to hear that Foxy has a new home & life. Well done.

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