Coping With the Heat

The heat is unbearable and Chain of Hope is out there EVERY SINGLE DAY providing relief for as many animals as we can get to. The dogs in the above pictures are all from the same house. I blogged about them back in April: We literally stay involved with these dogs and check on them periodically. The girls went over yesterday in the early afternoon and they said that Two Toes had no shade in her outdoor pen and that they were worried about her. She was very, very hot. They gave everyone fresh water and sprayed them down for flies. When they came back to the office and told me about them, we loaded up and headed back over. We hung a tarp on the west side of Two-Toes’ kennel, which gave her much, much relief and a lot of shade to get under. We pulled her out of her pen and literally hosed her down with the cold hose. She loved it and it brought her much relief. We did the same with the other two dogs there and got everyone cooled down.

We also came across a wonderful pet owner who was doing the same thing to her dogs. She was giving each of them a bath with the cold hose and they were loving it as well.

Chain of Hope is  out spraying for flies, applying ear gel to their ears, hosing them down, applying flea medicine, delivering plastic  swimming pools-trying to provide as much comfort as possible to as many as we can in this horrible heat. We find empty water buckets/pans all day long. We are advising owners to get the dogs in the basement, at least, during these hot days. Summer is hard on these outside dogs. Please know that Chain of Hope is out there helping these animals chained in this brutally hot weather. We are only out there because you support us and keep sending us out there. Please help us continue our work and donate! Chain of Hope is vital to the animals in the inner city.


2 Responses to “Coping With the Heat”

  1. jeanne Says:

    You guys are AWESOME! Keep up the good work!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Thanks for helping the overheated dogs. I can’t understand how these so called “people” can leave a dog outside like that winter and summer. That is animal cruelty. Raytown has an ordinance covering this. I would assume other cities do too, but I know you don’t want the dogs picked up by the pound.

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