Jerry and Cyrus

I don’t even remember the first time I met Jerry, but it’s been at least 2 yrs. ago. Jerry is a pretty special guy. He has a large shepherd named Cyrus. I don’t even know where he got Cyrus, but somehow Jerry heard about Chain of Hope and called for help with food. Jerry was struggling financially. He picked up odd jobs here and there.  He worked at the recycling center for a little bit when they needed more help. He scrapped metal himself and did whatever he could.

We  told Jerry that we would help him, but he had to get Cyrus neutered. We told him that we could do that for free for him and pick Cyrus up and being him back home.  Jerry was perfectly fine with that. He hadn’t had Cyrus that long at that point and Cyrus was not as protective as he is now. I took him in and had him neutered and vaccinated.

Jerry loves that dog! Cyrus loves Jerry, too, and would never let anything happen to him. He is very protective of Jerry and won’t let anyone get close to them at all (which where Jerry lives, is no doubt a good thing :)). I have to say that today, I cannot get close to Cyrus.  Jerry is the only one. He is probably the most aggressive dog that we help.  Jerry keeps Cyrus in the house and he also takes him for lots of long walks. Jerry is a short little guy-not very big at all. How he hangs onto that huge, strong dog is beyond me, but he does! He is also mentally slow, but he is one of the most appreciative people that Chain of Hope helps. He always thanks us profusely, calls us “angels” and tells us that he prays for us. He’s a sweet man. He does not expect hand-outs from Chain of Hope. Jerry has scraped money together and had Dr. Knapper, the mobile vet, come out to tend to Cyrus. Cyrus has to be muzzled and Jerry has to hang on tight if Dr. Knapper needs to examine Cyrus. Thank you to Dr. Knapper for working in the hood for these animals. You are a God send for these people and these animals.

Jerry has had to move several times since I’ve known him. It is difficult for him to find stable housing when he’s struggling. I so admire him because he takes that dog with him everywhere he goes. Chain of Hope gets so many calls from people daily that they are moving and can’t keep their animal. We also get those calls many times about people that have moved away and left their dog on a chain in the backyard. Chain of Hope has rescued many dogs from those situations, as well as having sometimes to just call animal control. It’s sad. People leave their animals all the time because it’s not convenient or it’s too much effort to try and find a place that accepts animals. The animals always pay the price. I admire Jerry because( so far anyway) he has kept that dog right beside him. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, but he has found places that accept Cyrus, thank goodness. It can be done if you truly care about your animals, like Jerry cares so much for Cyrus. Jerry always calls and tells Chain of Hope when and where he’s moved to and we will take Cyrus’s food to the new place.

Jerry called a few months ago and said that something was wrong with Cyrus’s skin. He said he was scratching and losing hair. I went over and from afar it sure looked like mange. Cyrus was actually losing a lot of hair and his skin was pretty red and irritated.

Chain of Hope purchased the medicine that Cyrus needed. We also took Jerry some medicated shampoo that he needed to use on Cyrus. It has been slow going and we just had to order another round of meds, but his mange is clearing up. This is where your donations go, for people and animals like Jerry and Cyrus. Cyrus would never make it anywhere else, but as long as Jerry has him, he is safe. I love to help people like this that love their animals like we all love our animals. This economy is terrible and many, many people and animals needs help. That’s why Chain of Hope is out there and needs your support. Please keep us out there.


3 Responses to “Jerry and Cyrus”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad that Jerry and Cyrus care about each other. Due to the circumstances you stated, I would rank Cyrus as a service dog which means he can’t be denied housing according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Jerry could use that if anyone won’t allow Cyrus housing. I sure wouldn’t give up Red Dogg.

    2 of my dogs came from circumstances where the owners were moving. At least these owners took the time for make sure their dogs went to good homes rather than leaving them in a shelter. Butch’s parents became over the road truck drivers which is obviously no place for 2 large dogs. They required everyone to come for an interview and then selected who would get the dogs. Hank’s parents were moving to CA and would have an apartment that didn’t allow dogs until they found a house. Red Dogg came from KCK as a BSL situation after an elderly lady die from a heart attack after a Pit Bull attack. Both Hank’s and Red Dogg’s people insisted on delivering them. I had the feeling it was really to check out the living conditions for their child. Hank’s person was impressed that there was a full water bowl waiting for him along with a feeding bowl by it. He could tell from Hank’s body language that he was happy there. Red Dogg’s person asked if we could exchange emails and usually comes once a year for a visit.

    I am glad that COH can help Jerry and Cyrus stay together.

  2. Michelle A Stutzman Says:

    this is really sweet! couldn’t he also get social security?

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    Michelle, good question? If he worked and paid SS taxes, he could apply for SS Disability which is very difficult to get approved. It took me over 3 years and an attorney whose fee was 25% of the past amount collected. I can tell you that it is not enough to live on but is better than nothing.

    Also there is SSI for those who don’t have enough quarters of coverage, never worked, or can’t work for various reasons. There are restrictions on how much property one may own or have in the bank. Not really a subsistence income but I know someone on it who plays an instrument and sings for cash donations.

    In order to get anything one must apply for it. Jerry could call 211 and maybe they could lead him in the right direction.

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