This is Lacy’s story. She is an adorable Beagle that has been living around 31st street for years. She hangs out behind an auto shop and they throw scraps of food to her. She has had at least six litters of puppies! No one could touch her or get very close to her. Whenever she had a litter, people around there just took them and God knows what happened to them. I know one of her puppies is leading a very sad life because someone at the auto shop chained it up and there it sits. There is also another dog, a Rottie mix, that is old and has probably lived there on that chain for years and years. He looks like he has something wrong with his eyes.

Some dedicated rescuers have tried to catch this Beagle, even setting a trap for her over there. They were never able to catch her. When they contacted Chain of Hope for help a while back, we were totally slammed and couldn’t help with this situation. We drove around over there and talked to a few people on 31st street, but we never saw her and they didn’t seem to know anything.

One day, Judy and I were driving down the street by the auto shop, and I saw her! She was standing in the back of the shop. There are tons of cars and lots of people that just hang out there. We went over and talked to them about bringing another trap over and they said they didn’t care, so that’s what we did. Most of them are drinking all day long and loved to sit there and comment that we were never going to catch her, people have tried for years, etc.  We had our trap set, but she absolutely would not go in there! She’d eat the bait all the way up to the entrance to the trap and she would not cross it-no matter what we had in there. No wonder she’d been out there surviving for years-she was one smart dog!

We were over there everyday or every other day working on getting her. This girl was a challenge! We tried and tried for days and we finally had to resort to slipping her some tranquilizers. We went over one morning and gave her the meds, watched her eat them in some yummy food, and left to run some more calls, telling the people we’d be back later.

We came back to check on things about an hour later and Lacy was getting wobbly, but wasn’t down yet. We decided to give her more time and went on more calls. When we pulled up about 45 min. later, the people told us that she was asleep on top of one of the cars. Smart girl-getting up high like that! When I very quietly and slowly crept up to her with the control stick, she heard me, put her head up, looked at me, and hurriedly got off of the car and ran away from me. Frustrating!

We went back to the vet clinic and told the vet that she was wobbly, but not down yet. We got some more meds and headed back over. We swore this was going to be the day that we were going to get this girl-but she was not cooperating at all! We went back over, medicated her some more, and left to do some more calls.

When we came back, we saw her laying in the parking lot. We thought she was down, but no! She was woozy and wobbly, but STILL had  her wits about her. By now, I think we were a huge entertainment for all of the people that gather at the auto shop everyday. They went from saying, “you’re not going to catch her” to “you ladies sure are determined!”. Guess they’d noticed since we’d been there every single day that week trying to catch this Beagle. We were not leaving without her.

We went on some more calls and came back in the late afternoon. This had to be over that day-we had so many other calls needing our time. Lacy was still wobbly, but had enough adrenaline in her to not go down all the way. I decided it was on and this was going to be it. There was a really nice guy at the shop that was always sober  and had been the most helpful. I kept saying that we needed to corner her somewhere and then I could get her on the pole since her movements were slowed down by the meds. He decided to help me and we flushed her into their garage, only because she was heavily medicated. We could never get her in there before-she absolutely would not go!  When she finally got in there this time, he blocked one way out, which only left one way for her to escape. She was upset and kicking it back into high gear, when she came running through the hole and I pretty much just lassoed her as she tried to escape. I had her on the catch pole!!! Judy dragged the kennel over to me and the man and I shoved her into it! It was hard, she did not want to go and it was traumatic. It was also her only salvation.

We loaded Lacy in the van and drove her back to the vet clinic. We decided to go ahead and spay her that afternoon. They put her under and and while she was out, before her surgery, Dr. Kennedy and Tamara, one of the techs, bathed her really well. She stunk bad and had a lot of greasy dirt on her from the auto shop. We went ahead and spayed, vaccinated and drew blood for a heart worm test while she was under.

The people had told us that Lacy had been hit by a car-probably more than once. This is a very busy area on 31st. Dr. Kennedy confirmed that she had apparently been hit and her back leg had been broken. She was never treated for it, so it just healed kind of weird. Believe me, she sure gets around very well with it like that! It doesn’t cause her any pain, so it is what it is. Hard to think about all this poor girl has been through in all kinds of weather, trying to constantly take care of puppies, get food, stay away from people who probably threw things at her, yelled at her, etc. What a difficult life she’d lived.

Her heart worm test came back positive. Most of our dogs are heart worm positive, which is expensive to treat, but Chain of Hope does it! We decided since she was so scared and would be difficult to handle at first, we’d go ahead and give her her first heart worm treatment while she was still under from her spay. We were throwing a lot at her, but she needed a lot of medical care and this was the time to do it! I’m sure this little girl had never been to a vet ever.

Lacy began to settle in at Chain of Hope. She has never been aggressive whatsoever, just scared. We’ve had her with another little beagle and that has helped tremendously. She is really learning how to be an indoor dog that can enjoy life. At first, I had to carry her in and out to potty-she was frozen like a statue. These days, we can put a leash on her and walk her out to the play yard. We can pet her and love on her. She is wary of things like going through a doorway, etc. but she is getting better everyday.

Lacy is progressing well. She could sure use a foster home, with another dog. She is a very good girl, so grateful for everything like rescued dogs are. She just needs to blossom and she will. She gets a little more confident everyday. Another life transformed by Chain of Hope.
The number of calls that Chain of Hope receives is over whelming and the volume of animals whose lives we improve is huge. We reach many, many animals every week because we are out on the streets every day. We are educating people and transforming many animals’ lives, like Lacy’s. Look at all of the medical work that just this one dog needed. Lacy was spayed, vaccinated, heart worm tested, de-wormed, de-flea’d, and treated for heart worms-hundreds of dollars of vet work.  We must have the funding to continue this critical work. We can only be out there for these animals if you keep sending us there.


2 Responses to “Lacy”

  1. Raina Says:

    This explains all the beagles that are caught over on 71 Highway maybe. I know some good people who have rescued the beagles but many times it’s too late and they are on the side of the road. This is a huge relief. Thanks!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Obviously Lacy has never know what it is like to have a home, lived as a stray dog, and didn’t want to make a change in her life style. Possible she was a chained dog in the past and didn’t want to go back to confinement. Here is a case of a range dog in NM:
    BTW: Has Lacy Met Toby? They might enjoy each other.

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