Chain of Hope found Toby by driving the streets in northeast. We saw this darling little Beagle tied up in the front of the house. We couldn’t see shelter-it looked from the street like he went under the porch. We stopped and went up and talked to the woman that lived there. She did not speak very much English and she wanted us to come back in the late afternoon when the kids got home from school to translate for her. While we were trying to talk to this woman, the neighbor came out. She was an older woman and she followed me over to the van when I went to get Toby a rawhide. She told me that those people did not want this dog and that they had asked her to find a home for it quite awhile ago. She said that he was 4 yrs. old and had been out there the whole time. She had actually gotten a dog house for him and put it under the porch. What a sweet and caring lady.

We ended up with an emergency that afternoon and we never made it back over until the next day. When we got there, the husband and the kids were all home, too. We discussed everything with the parents through the children and they definitely did not want little Toby. We decided that we could take him and told the guy to bring him to the van and load him in a crate.

There was no sadness for this family. They’d had this boy for 4 yrs. and they didn’t care at all when they put him on the van. We never could figure out why they didn’t want him. Regardless,it was the best day of his life-Toby became a Chain of Hope dog and had a chance at a new life!

Toby is doing fantastic! He was a little shy at first, but now he is loving life! Plus, he is such a good boy. Toby is a small Beagle, about 18 lbs. He loves to be with his people! I think he’s had so many years of being outside by himself, he is really craving the closeness and attention. He plays really well with other dogs. He will never be left outside, tied up like that ever again. He deserves so much more.

Thanks for keeping us out there! There’s so many Tobys out there waiting for our help. Our work is vital to the animals in the inner city. Thank you for your support. It is critical to so many lives.


8 Responses to “Toby”

  1. Courtney Says:

    What a beautiful pup….will make such a great addition to a family that will love and care for him.

  2. Emily Says:

    Good work guys! We need more people like you out there!

  3. EJ Gibson Says:

    does toby have a home? if not, please let me know. he would fit in so well with my dogs – they love other dogs – we have a huge backyard and comfy beds and couches right inside the doggie door. he would especially love Flash – our bagel (beagle/basset).

    • EJ Gibson Says:

      I am quite serious about adopting toby if he has not found a home yet. i lost my oldest dog in march and keep thinking that, though he can never be replaced, we do have room for another. we are a good doggie home and i can provide references (i have worked as a vet tech for more than a decade). just something about his picture and his face . . .

      • chainofhope Says:


        That is fabulous that you would like to offer Toby a home. He has not found his forever home yet, so that is so great that you are interested in making him a part of your family. The next step would be to go to our website at and go to our “Adoptions” page and then fill out an application for him. Look forward to getting that from you!

  4. Sarah Estlund Says:

    What a sweet sweet sweet boy!! He shouldn’t be difficult to adopt out at all!? Thank you Kate, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The day Toby met you was the best day of his life, lil guy…he deserves so much love. What POS’s. Can’t believe they didn’t even feel any sadness.

  5. Carla Says:

    I just admire everything Chain of Hope is about and what you do. If Furry Kids Refuge can offer assistance, please know we are here for you.–Carla, Furry Kids Refuge Board Member

  6. andywhiteman Says:

    I fail to understand why people who don’t want the dog or responsibility have a dog at all? Doesn’t make sense to me. I am glad this one has a good outcome with people wanting to provide a forever home.

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