This story is about one of the most irresponsible homes that we’ve tried to help. It started back in the winter when Chain of Hope came across a house where a pit bull had 11 puppies in the basement. The owner lived next door in another house, but he owned the house the dog was in or something. Hard to follow the drama over there. Anyway, he had this momma pit, Princess, and her 11 puppies in the basement of the house where no one stayed, no utilities on. We hated what was going on, but tried to work with the guy-he seemed very receptive. We told him that as soon as they were weaned, we could take the entire litter and get his momma dog spayed. He agreed with everything- until it came time to give us the puppies. All of the sudden, he was giving them away to relatives, etc. He was keeping one and his girlfriend was keeping one. I am so tired of this-we deal with this all the time. None of them had any business keeping anything over there.

This guy also had a blk/white mixed breed puppy chained up next to his actual house. His name was Duke and Duke never had anything. Every time I went there, he had no water. Of course, this guy blamed it on the dog always knocking it over. We dragged a tire over to his area  and set his bucket in the middle of the tire to keep it from spilling and knocking over. Duke was thin, lonely, frsutrated as heck to be so young, getting so big and living on a chain where no one paid attention to you at all. Believe me, thousands of dogs live like this in Kansas City and that is why we are so dedicated-they need us.

We finally took in momma and the two puppies they were keeping and got everyone spayed/ neutered. That was our main goal, before they turned around and gave them to someone else. We were very upset with this guy. He totally renigged on everything and did not help us financially at all. We just wanted to make sure that everyone was spayed/neutered at the very least.

A couple of weeks later, this guy called and one of his puppies was sick. We went over and basically gave him the mobile vet’s number, gave him some advice on what to feed the puppy, etc. A couple of weeks later, this guy called again because one of the puppies had worms.  This guy was a user that just wanted to keep whatever he wanted to keep and then call us whenever he needed anything. We tried to bargain with him at one point that if he’d sign Duke over to us, we could help him when one of the puppies needed something. He refused. One time we had him ready to give us Duke and his girlfriend started a bunch of drama, crying, etc. so this guy changed his mind. They were playing with us and we were sick of playing. We told them that Chain of Hope was not their vet-on-call, they needed to stop calling us, we gave him Dr. Knapper’s (the moblie vet)’s number and told him that if he was going to have all these dogs over there, he needed to be able to take care of them on his own. We weren’t feeding his dogs for the rest of their lives and we were not his private veterinarian. We cut him off.

We didn’t hear from this guy for about a month or more. He lives right on a busy street that we are on a lot and we would drive by and see Duke there, just getting bigger and bigger, growing up on a chain. They had put him on there when he was 3 mo. old and he’d never been off of it. We’d see his water bucket that we gave him laying there on it’s side, obviously empty. Our hearts grieved for Duke, but our hands were pretty much tied.

Then, the other day, we got the call that we suspected might come at some point. This guy called and said that he couldn’t handle having all of these dogs, that we could come and get them! Oh, really? Now that he was ready, we were supposed to just pop over there and load up whatever dogs he didn’t want. It would be unbelievable, but I am so used to this kind of stuff happening in the hood-it’s just sad. We saw this coming a long time ago.

As much as I loathe this man, I went over the next day to see what was going on. And this is what I saw:

This place was a disaster. Princess, the momma pit bull that we’d spayed, was chained to the clothesline, with no shelter and no food. I could see her ribs, her ears were a mess from the flies, but she did have clean water.

There were 2 pit mix puppies in the pen. I couldn’t tell if these were the 2 that he and his girlfriend were going to keep. They had no food, they were skinny, had dirty water, and there was a lot of feces in their pen.

Poor Duke was chained up, per usual. He had no food, no water and was frantic at the end of his chain, just like always. This poor dog that we’d begged for at 3 mo., was now a huge, wild teen-ager because he had grown up so far on a chain.

There was a new dog here and it was in a terrible situation. It was about a 4 mo. old brindle pit puppy. It was tied up with a leash to the fence, all it’s ribs were showing, it had no food, no water and there was feces all around. Of course, this guy wasn’t there and no one knew anything about any of these dogs. They finally got the guy on the phone and he told me that he had had a relative come and look at Princess and was thinking about taking her. He said the 2 puppies in the pen were his nephew’s and “please don’t bother them”.  He said someone had found the brindle puppy and so they tied it up. He didn’t want it. And, of course, he didn’t want Duke.  I was on my way to check out a potential parvo puppy and didn’t want to have them in the van with the sick puppy, plus I wasn’t equipped with the space and kennels to take anyone right then. I told him I’d be over in the morning to get Duke and the brindle puppy.

When I arrived the next day, he was waiting for me out front. I asked him who he was signing over and he said, “Duke”. I said what about the brindle puppy and he replied that “someone had come over and gotten it”. I was so mad. I asked him what happened to the 2 puppies that he and his girlfriend had kept and he said that those were them in the pen, but now they belonged to his nephew. I told him the puppies looked like crap, they were too skinny, etc. He said, “I’ll tell him what you said”. Sure, I bet he would. I was livid, I couldn’t even talk to the man. I really wanted to just jump in the van and leave this entire mess, but not without Duke.  I  told him to go get Duke and put him in the kennel.  I jumped in the van and left, without another word. I’d said all I could say to this man over the last months and he simply doesn’t get it. God help any more animals that cross his path. Hopefully, I guess, his relative will take Princess, the momma pit. It really couldn’t be worse than the situation she was in-hopefully, someone will give her a better home with them. At least she’s spayed.  I know Chain of Hope could not take on another pit bull right now until we place some of ours.

Chain of Hope now has Duke. He’s a sweet boy, but needs to play and run. Coming off of a chain after growing up on one, he needs some freedom! If you’d like to foster or adopt Murphy, as he is now called, please go to http://www.chainofhopekc.org and go to our “adoptions” page and fill out an application.  We almost always change the dogs’ names when they come into our program-they have to lose anything connected with their old life.  I am so glad we finally did get Murphy-he never deserved anything they did to him. They never do.


6 Responses to “Disaster”

  1. Jane Says:

    At least you got Murphy out of there. This has to be so hard and frustrating… Please keep up the good work… for the animals 🙂

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    I am not going to click LIKE because is don’t like this situation! I can’t understand people like this. I don’t consider them to be people. I am surprised you put up with it for so long. If I was a neighbor, I would be calling both animal control and health department on a daily basis as well as calling my councilman. I don’t know about here, but in Denver there is a private organization with enforcement ability. One neighbor witnessed physical abuse but was afraid to make a statement. I called the Denver Dumb Friends League about a neighbor. The DDFL did an inspection and discovered, no shelter, no food, and frozen water (hence no water). The people had to remedy the situation. One day the dogs were gone. I asked where they were and the neighbor said that they gave them away…but I wonder.

    One of the dogs was somewhat friendly with me but was afraid to come too close. If I offered to let him sniff my hand, he ran back.

  3. Elaine Says:

    I’d love 10 minutes alone with this man – even though I am only 5′ tall, I’d have “knocked some sense into him”. FOR SURE. These people are all so full of crap, it stinks (no pun intended) – and they should not be PERMITTED the PRIVILEGE of having animals. My fantasy would be to tie THEM up to a chain for a few days, with no food and water nor shelter…..and just watch the flies bite them………but, reality just came back and now I just say THANK GOD FOR CHAIN OF HOPE!

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    Animal abusers should receive the same treatment the animal they abused!

  5. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Give me and Elaine just five minutes with this POS. My heart was pounding as I read and I even skipped ahead praying for a good ending…what a PIECE OF POOP this man is. They all are.

  6. Maria Kaplan Says:

    What a careless, cruel, loser this guy is. Duke has a new lease on life because of your unrelenting volunteers. Sending you a donation today. I am sure it will be a blessing to another of the million unwanted Dukes out there.

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