Two Special Boys

I have two very special boys to tell you about, Robert and Oliver.

This is Robert. Chain of Hope received a call from a postal worker about a puppy that was very sick. She had given our card to the owner and the owner called as well. The puppy was classic parvo-vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, etc. I raced over there and when I walked in, the heat immediately hit me-it was very hot in the house. It was a super hot day and the guy apparently had no air conditioning. He had a small fan turned on and there was a little black and white puppy laying on the floor, under the coffee table. He wasn’t moving. When I asked how long the puppy had been sick, the guy told me about 3 days. This looked pretty bad. The guy couldn’t afford anything and let me take the puppy.

I got him back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic and they got the IV in him and started his supportive meds for parvo. Dr. Kennedy named him Robert (after her father-in-law).  We started the battle with parvo and prayed we’d win. Robert was so skinny already. I hoped he had some fight left in him.

I’m happy to report that Robert pulled through! He fought and he fought hard. He started feeling better and better and was ready for a foster home. Jackie Dorweiler and family stepped up for Robert! They’ve been taking excellent care of him. Thank you, Dorweilers!

The next very special boy I have to tell you about is Oliver. Oliver is an adorable little Beagle mix. He was in an abusive home, was most likely kicked in the side of the head and his jaw was broken. Poor little guy-he was so scared at first when he came to us.  He had to have surgery and have his jaw wired. He’s been through a lot. It’s so sad-he’s a wonderful little dog.

Poor little Oliver. It is unbearable what people do to animals out here. Oliver has come a long way, though. He isn’t nearly as scared. He’s a happy little guy and gets along with other dogs.  He will be fine and honestly has always acted like no big deal, as far as his jaw goes! A resilient little boy. Thank you, Furry Kids, for taking Oliver into your adoption program and helping us move some dogs out so that we can save some more.

As you can see, our medical expenses are huge. This is not uncommon to have cases like Oliver’s and Robert’s every week, or even a couple of times a week. We were able to help both of these boys and give them a new life because of you, our supporters. It is critical that our support stays strong for the animals.


3 Responses to “Two Special Boys”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    These dogs are extremely lucky that COH is there! You guys do great work!

  2. Elaine Says:

    Thanks for being there for these babies, and all the others that need your help!!

  3. Sarah Estlund Says:

    I’d like a bottle of lighter fluid and one minute with the man who kicked Oliver…bless your heart Kate THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

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