Blossom, Tulip and Daisy

Chain of Hope recently came across a house that was truly awful.  There was a very skinny momma pit bull in a dog pen in a backyard. There were 4 pit bull puppies in there with her. The pen was full of feces, they had no food and about an inch of water in a dish-probably rain water from days before. The flies were bad. I could not take pix of the pen because the guy was right there with us the entire time and was not very receptive to us. But this was so bad. He told us that she had had 12 puppies, a few of them had died and he had sold some for $60 a piece. He was “stuck” with the last four-but of course was thinking about keeping one or more of them. All of the remaining puppies were female. The guy was cocky, defensive and dismissive-he just didn’t care.

The momma and babies were up on the fence when we went back there, crying and pawing at the fence.  One of the puppies was a little tiny tan one and she had a severe case of cherry eye. She was also very skinny. I asked the guy why there was no food in there-just lots of empty old dishes laying in the mud. He told me he fed them “a few days ago”. I told him that was not near enough food for these guys and that they were all underweight, including momma. He said very hatefully, “we feed them every few days and heap the food in there”. He did not want to deal with us. We told him that the little one needed immediate veterinary care. Judy pressured him until he finally gave her up. We tried and tried to get the others and he kept insisting that he “had a few phone calls to make” first to see if people that had said they wanted them really still wanted them. He would not budge. We told him we’d check back soon, knowing that we’d be back the very next day. We left them a big bag of puppy food.

We got Blossom (as Teena, one of the techs named her) to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic immediately. Poor little Blossom was so little and so pitiful.  We got her de-wormed, fed and settled in.

Judy and I went back over to the guy’s house the next day and Judy worked her magic and finally got him to relinquish 2 more puppies. He would not budge on the last puppy-he wanted to keep her. We had talked to him the day before about the city ordinance and getting momma spayed. He said he would go ahead and let us spay her (although he wasn’t nice about it). I can guarantee you that he wants to keep this last  female puppy to make her his next breeder. We loaded up the two brindle puppies and left. We will definitely be dealing with this house and calling animal control this next week. You know that Chain of Hope will not forget about this momma and puppy. We just had to try to get the ones out of there that we could before calling.The brindle puppies, Tulip and Daisy, are SO happy at Chain of Hope. The worms that came out of these little guys were disgusting. They are feeling better everyday. Blossom, on the other hand, has had a struggle. She under went eye surgery for her cherry eye and while she was already under, we went ahead and spayed her. She had to wear a cone and looked miserable. However, she began eating like a horse! Imagine having food whenever you need it-what a concept! Blossom looks forward to Momma Judy’s visits. Judy is really responsible for getting these 3 puppies to safety. She can talk to the gangsters with the best of them!

All three of these babies need a foster home. If you’re interested, please fill out an application on our web site and go to the “Adoptions” page. This was a heart-breaking case, but I thank God that we came across this house. This is why we MUST continue to be out there. Chain of Hope IS literally life and death so many times-more than I could ever tell on this blog. Thank you for your support.


2 Responses to “Blossom, Tulip and Daisy”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Things can sure escalate quickly when encountering an uncaring or abusive owner! I tried speaking politely with a neighbor about his barking dog. He went into a rage and used an expletive. I called animal control. When he was issued a citation, he told the officer he probably shouldn’t have use the “f” word.
    Another neighbor kept their barking dog locked in a small cage about 4’x6′ or maybe smaller. There was no talking to that man either. I finally decide not to speak with neighbors about their dogs or any nuisance. I mail them a letter to avoid confrontation. After that the next option is to call the Police or animal control.

    I am glad that thew situation for Blossom, Tulip and Daisy worked out for the best.

  2. jeanne Says:

    You inspire me so much! Thank you for your courage and commitment.

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