A Difficult Summer Already

Chain of Hope has been overwhelmed with people needing help with their animals. We received a call from a very nice woman in the inner city. She actually had called us a couple of years ago about a house across the street from her. Someone had moved and left 2 Chows and a cat inside the house with no utilities on and the animals just had to urinate and defecate  in the house. Chain of Hope went everyday and fed the animals through the mail slot, while we were trying and trying to get animal control over there to get them out of there. We shoved ice cubes in there so the animals could at least hydrate themselves. (See blog https://chainofhope.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/feeding-animals-thru-mail-slot/). She called us the other day and said that she had a 19 yr. old cat that needed to be euthanized and she didn’t have any money. She said it was suffering, so I headed right over. Poor Thomas was in pretty bad shape. He’d lived a long life and it was time to let him go humanely.

Denise, one of our wonderful  volunteers, called me last Sunday. She was working in south KC and had found a cat that had apparently been hit by a car. He couldn’t walk and just  dragged his back end. He was totally emaciated and I think he’d been out there for a while like that and had no way to try and get food. Denise said that he had dragged himself under a car and that he was hissing everytime she reached for him. I told her to sit tight and Erica and I would be right there. Thank God that Denise found him. There are 2 dogs that we care for at this house. Denise had walked around to the side of the house to use their hose to get the dogs some water and there was Thomas laying in the grass by the hose, unable to get up. All he could do was drag himself.

When Erica and I arrived, Thomas was under the car. He was hissing and upset, poor baby. When I tried to get him, he dragged himself out from under the car, trying to get away from me. It was all very sad. I did get Thomas and headed back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic. We euthanized him, he was suffering so badly. He had a big hole in his neck that was very deep. He was scabby and covered in fleas.  He could not use his back end at all. You are suffering no more, Thomas.

The kittens are coming out of the woodwork.  Every day we are finding litters under porches, bushes, etc.

We are battling filthy water, no water and flies eating ears every single day.
It is extremely difficult out there. It is hard to keep our spirits up, but we keep getting out there. We see the suffering first hand everyday and we know how badly we’re needed. Thank you for keeping us out there. Our work is crucial.


One Response to “A Difficult Summer Already”

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    The abuse that goes on is sickening! Keep up the good work.

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