Kenneth and Friends

Last winter, Chain of Hope set up free hay give away stations around the city. Kenneth came to one of those to get some hay for his female shepherd mix, Sadie. We asked if Sadie was spayed and he said no. We asked him if we could help him with that and he said sure. We made arrangements and I went one morning to pick up Sadie for her spay. I knew that Kenneth fed a lot of stray kitties and we always left him a big bag of cat food as well.

Sadie is a real cutie. She lives on a tie-out, but she is well cared for. She is well fed and social and now will have no more babies!

We hadn’t been by for a couple of months and Kenneth called. He had taken in a stray male pit bull and he wanted to get him neutered! The power of education! Judy and I headed over and met this gorgeous, friendly, incredible pit bull that Kenneth was calling Duke. Very handsome boy and super sweet.  Kenneth did not want to call animal control and so he decided Duke could hang out at his place. Duke doesn’t go anywhere-just stays right there at Kenneth’s. That’s when Kenneth called us and asked for help getting Duke neutered and vaccinated.
When we went to check out the pit bull and drop Kenneth some food, we found out what a kitty problem he had! Kenneth informed us that he had 3 momma cats that each had a litter of kittens. He started going around the property and showing us where each litter was. It was overwhelming.

As Kenneth was showing us all of this mess, it was apparent that most of the kittens had eye infections, which is common in these babies. They needed more help than we could give them at the time. We went ahead and took one litter of kittens that were of age to be weaned and we told him that we would get him some help for the rest. Kenneth was very receptive to all of the help. We got 4 little babies out of there that day. Judy called a friend that does a lot of independent cat rescue and lots of trapping and asked her if she could help at this house. Thank goodness, she had the time to go deal with this. She was able to get the rest of the kittens for rescue and get the mommas spayed. Thank you, Sharon! You’re a saint!

Thank you for supporting us. It’s thanks to your donations that we were able to do the hay give aways last winter and that is how Kenneth came to know Chain of Hope. That was our Five Before the Frost campaign which helps get us through the winter. We are currently still accepting donations for our Five Before the Flies campaign as well. Help us get through the summer and help these poor animals. They need us badly out there!


3 Responses to “Kenneth and Friends”

  1. jeanne Says:

    So nice to hear a story with a happy ending!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad than Ken is a responsible pet owner who spays/neuters his pets as well as providing proper care for them. Dogs appreciate owners who care for them properly.

  3. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Kate and Judy thank you for taking care of these babies!! What a happy happy story!! So glad Ken is one of the good ones. Both Sadie and the HANDSOME HANDSOME pittie look happy.

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