Gabby is a wonderful blk lab/hound mix that we have known for a long time. I took her in and spayed her about 4 yrs. ago and we’ve been keeping tabs on her ever since. Gabby was chained behind her people’s house all the way back by the alley. Anyone driving by would never even know that she was back there. Chain of Hope knew, though, because we drive the alleys and look. She had a wooden dog house with no bottom in it. We used to cram a lot of hay in there in the winter and then we finally brought her a nice igloo.  She wouldn’t go into the igloo, though, and just kept going in what she knew so well-her old wooden dog house. It was too heavy for us to move out of the way.

Gabby was fed well and usually had clean water. We just visited her when we could because she was so lonely back there. I never saw anyone back there with her in the 4 yrs. I’ve been going there. She was very lonely and got so excited when she’d see the van coming up her alley! It was a rough alley and just looking at it from the street, you would think that it doesn’t even go through or whatever, but we went up there on the very rocky, narrow alley so that we could continue to monitor and love on Gabby!

Finally, after all this time, we were able to make Gabby a Chain of Hope dog. Thank goodness, she had a chance at the rest of her life being happy!

Gabby went into one of our fabulous foster homes with Laura and James. Thanks guys for doing such an awesome job with Gabby and giving her freedom and happiness. Gabby went to an adoption event with us over a month ago and a wonderful couple came there that had just lost their yellow lab. The man was devastated over the death of his dog (old age complications) and he came looking for another yellow lab. He was pretty adamant about it being another yellow lab-until he met Gabby! Gabby is the sweetest, most loving dog. It’s so sad that she sat out behind her house all that time with so much love to share and no one to give it to or get if from in return, except us. At least she had Chain of Hope. Well, this guy spent a lot of time with Gabby and who couldn’t fall in love with this girl?? They ended up adopting her!

Gabby was heart worm positive and sailed through her treatment beautifully. She has a great family. They brought her into Kennedy’s Animal Clinic the other day when we were there and we got to see her. She is SO happy and SO loved!
 Thank you for supporting Chain of Hope. We literally  give many, many dogs a new life every year-just like Gabby!  Please continue to keep us out there!


5 Responses to “Gabby”

  1. Sharon C. Says:

    that is wonderful!!!! so happy for Gabby and her new family that loves her! ❤

  2. jeanne Says:

    I love a happy ending and I love what you at COH do! You need to see Ruby the Rottie (formerly Savanah). She is spoiled rotten! Today my 7 yr old daughter is painting her front nails/claws pink so people know she’s a girl. =)

  3. Amy Says:

    Terrific story! Thank you Chain of Hope!!!

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad that Gabby found a good forever home! I am not particular about breed. When I adopted Red Dogg, I was looking for a Pit Bull because KCK was executing them. Strangely my last 3 dogs have been part Pit.

  5. Sarah Estlund Says:

    I LOVE Gabby! I met her at Laura and James awhile back. What a SWEET girl – the family is as lucky to have her as Gabby is to have them. Nice work, Chain of Hope!!

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