This is a story of another one of our houses that we’ve been involved with for a long time and we still monitor. We came across this house one day about 3 yrs. ago  and saw two dogs chained to trees. One of them had puppies. We stopped and tried to talk with the owner. He was from Cuba and knew very little English so it was difficult to communicate with him. The man gave us the litter of puppies (they were just old enough to leave momma) and we made arrangements to come back and get the male and the female adults for spay/neuter. The conditions here were nasty-lots of junk laying around, etc.

The white dog was the momma and the black/white dog was a male chained here. I took them in for spay/neuter and vaccinations. We got the dogs onto tie-out cables and brought the white dog an igloo house.

Over time, a stray wandered into their yard, so the guy tied it up and  made it his third dog. Chain of Hope currently has a policy that if someone receiving services from us acquires another animal while we are helping them, we will not help them anymore. Hard to do, but you wouldn’t believe how these people go through animals. It’s really disturbing.

At the time, however, our focus was on getting this new dog to the vet for neuter and vax. He was a very friendly shepherd mix, not quite full grown at the time.  We got him neutered and continued to check on these dogs and drop food once in a while. The momma and the other male, however, were not very friendly. In fact, the momma has gotten progressively worse with her attitude, but she clearly has a lot to be angry about-living tied up 24/7 is enough right there.  We can’t touch the two of them, but we always hang fly bags, spray with fly spray, change out their water, etc. The shepherd mix is still pretty friendly.

We were checking in the other day and the woman of the house was home. She came out and helped us and the dogs love her!

The dogs got so excited when she came over to them. Still, this house makes me very sad. It is what it is. The dogs have shelter, they are at good body weight-the people do feed them. They usually have water, although not always the cleanest. They are all fixed and all are on either tie-out cables or light-weight chains.  We’ve really done all we can do. There’s too much junk laying around and it’s trashy, but the dogs are fed, which is more than some of the poor things that we come across. We get by here about every 3-4 weeks and touch base, hang fly bags and leave some food.  The people do a decent job and the dogs seem to really like them. I just wish the dogs could at least roll around in some grass or something, but they’ve been out there for years and will be until they die, which makes me sick. All we can do is make their lives as comfortable as possible. They LOVE the pig ears that we give them, and the canned food we give them as a special treat. They love the sweet-smelling hay in the winter. They’re good dogs and we will always make sure they’re ok. Thanks for keeping us out there. There’s so many just like them. It’s overwhelming.


3 Responses to “Maintaining”

  1. crystalwayward Says:

    Thanks for all you do.

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    I don’t understand these people. If the people care about the dogs, why don’t they bring them in? I can understand not having money for food and medical care, but bringing them inside and having fresh water inside and out doesn’t cost anything. Red Dogg’s water is replaced once a day and sometimes twice. I put ice into her water when it is hot. There are times we come in and she waits for me to put ice into the water.

  3. Elaine Says:

    I know that certain cultures would NEVER allow a pet inside the house……I know people with that mentality. Not sure why they even have any animals (security?) but there is so much to be disturbed by out in the world…….that is why God sent Kate and others who can make a difference. That is what we can all do – MAKE A DIFFERENCE. No matter how small.

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